Great News, Richmond!

Premier John Horgan Announces Great News for Richmond

Surgical Restart Campaign

When illness, disease or emergency strikes, our surgical teams are here to help you.

Make An Impact

Read more about our most urgent equipment needs.

Golf Tournament

Annual Golf Tournament Postponed to June 7, 2021

Joyful Giving. Joyful Living.

At Richmond Hospital Foundation, joy is at the very heart of the work we do with all our partners. Giving joyfully is to know that you are part of the solution. You are part of something bigger than yourself. You are helping your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues, your customers. You are a driver of health and prosperity. There is a joyousness in coming together to create a life well-lived.

Community Events

Join Richmond Hospital Foundation in building a better and healthier future for Richmond by planning and organizing your unique Independent Community Event. Your event could be a gala, an art show, or even a birthday party. With your event, you inspire others to give and live joyfully.

Your Impact: Patient Stories

Sharing your story with us is a great way to recognize our amazing team of health care professionals in our community as well as help us raise awareness and funds.

Do you have a compelling story to tell about your experience at Richmond Hospital, the medical professionals who cared for you or a loved one, or an experience with our community health programs and services?

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We would like to keep you up to date on stories relating to Richmond Hospital or Richmond Hospital Foundation, and also share stories of community partners who have dedicated themselves to the cause of bettering local health care.