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Lorraine’s Story

Lorraine Palmer, a long-time Richmond resident, who recognizes the long-lasting impact one can make by giving back during and after your lifetime.

“IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO KEEP THE VILLAGE GOING.” These are words from long-time Richmond resident Lorraine Palmer, who recognizes the long-lasting impact one can make by giving back during and after your lifetime.

Over the years, Lorraine and her family, the Kronier family, have given back to Richmond Hospital Foundation by helping fund new equipment, operating rooms, the new acute care tower, and creating an education bursary for clinical staff to advance their professional skills and knowledge. Most recently, Lorraine made a legacy gift – a donation that would be included in her Will – to support the future of health care.

“There will be an even greater need for the hospital as the population increases and ages,” explains Lorraine. “I want to give what I can because the hospital will be needed forever. A legacy gift is a wonderful way to secure the future for your community beyond your lifetime.”

For Lorraine, giving back to her local community is not only being true to her heart, it also runs in her blood.

Having lived in Richmond since she was four years old, she grew up with parents who quietly did good wherever they could. Her mom, Betty Kronier, volunteered at the school, with the activities and clubs in which her children were involved in, and later for the cancer agency. Her dad, Al, was involved in the Lions Club, supported sports teams, school scholarships, and other community charities while quietly helping many neighbours or other members of the community that were in need.

These gestures of generosity and kindness had an everlasting influence on Lorraine, who has supported Richmond Hospital Foundation the past 25+ years.

“My family and I have received great care from Richmond Hospital over the years, and I’ve realized how important it is to have a local hospital. Lifesaving care that is close to home makes all the difference,” says Lorraine. “With a legacy gift to Richmond Hospital Foundation, I get to help others and be part of something special. I’m grateful to be part of the future of health care in Richmond. Ordinary people like you and me are also able to leave an impactful legacy beyond our lifetime.”

We all have an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – a course that will support future generations. There are various ways to make a legacy gift to Richmond Hospital Foundation. We encourage you to speak to your financial advisor or lawyer or contact us to learn more.

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