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At Richmond Hospital Foundation, joy is at the very heart of the work we do and our accomplishments are made possible because of individuals, families and community organizations like you. Your donation makes a significant impact at Richmond Hospital and throughout our community of care in Richmond.

Thank you for being part of the solution, part of something bigger, and part of a transformation to drive innovation powered by technology. You are helping to advance health care in the community and at Richmond Hospital.

Joyful giving means joyful living.

We’re excited to share the impact you have made. Read below to see how your contributions have directly impacted health care.

What We’ve Achieved Together


New In-Patient Acute Mental Health Unit

Scheduled to open near the end of 2021, donor support has enabled the redesign of a new In-Patient Acute Mental Health Unit. The newly transformed space will allow for better Person and Family Centred Care which will increase respect, dignity, compassion, and privacy for patients and families, and in turn, improve healing time. The updated facility will include a family dining area, kitchen, multifunctional activity room, patient and family lounge, along with new furniture, lighting and decor that promotes a soothing, therapeutic environment.

COVID-19 Response Fund

Thanks to the support of the community, Richmond Hospital Foundation received more than one million dollars to fund much-needed equipment and COVID-19 research. Richmond Hospital purchased new CPR chest compression equipment, respiratory glidescope blades, portable gas machines and ventilators, additional ICU beds and care spaces, patient vital signs monitors and oxygen concentrators. Your generosity has allowed our medical teams to quickly scale up to create the needed capacity for anticipated volumes now for any future waves.

Research to Improve Care in Richmond

Donor funding has fuelled a comprehensive effort to help grow the research program in Richmond. Working in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Richmond Hospital Foundation is enabling the research conducted by our physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to flourish and improve care in Richmond. Research projects include looking at ways to boost prevention of Adverse Drug Events through better understanding of causes and communication as well as using calming “robot” animals to reduce confusion, aggression and anxiety in elderly hospital patients with dementia.


$50 Million Dollars Raised for New Yurkovich Family Pavilion

Completion of the $50 million ACT NOW Campaign was made possible by many joyful donors coming together. The new tower will be named the Yurkovich Family Pavilion and it will increase the capacity of care for Richmond’s growing population, helping to ensure the best in care is close to home. The Yurkovich Family Pavilion will be home to a new surgical centre, medical imaging centre, emergency department, and more inpatient beds.

New Surgical Equipment

With the help of generous donors, Richmond Hospital Foundation has funded new technologies and a refresh of urgently needed surgical equipment including a portable and minimally invasive surgical system, wireless connectivity and 4K resolution screens to improve surgical visualization along with a mini C-Arm, microtome tissue slicers, bipolar cautery technology, and cystoscopes. The acquisition of new, state-of-the-art equipment will aid with faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays, and better outcomes.


Community Health Access Centre

Opened in March 2020, the new Community Health Access Centre on 7671 Alderbridge Way, provides multiple specialized services consolidated into a single location for adults, including older adults, with chronic diseases. Much needed donor investments have helped fund renovations to create space for increased clinic rooms, expand data capabilities for home health staff, create a welcoming reception for patients and families and provide Telehealth capabilities and infrastructure to ensure Richmond is “future-ready” for better, faster, and more convenient access to the health care that patients need.

Cardiac Echo Ultrasound to Improve Medical Imaging

An echocardiogram also known as a cardiac echo is one of the most vital and widely used tests in cardiology to monitor heart health. Ultrasound technology is used to create an image that shows the size, shape and function of the heart pump and the heart valves. Last year, nearly 5,000 cardiac echo scans were performed for patients in the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, and the wards of Richmond Hospital, as well as outpatients requiring scans. Donors helped fund a brand new state-of-the-art unit to help our cardiologists diagnose problems, monitor any potential changes in the heart over time and determine what further steps or tests may be required.

Improving Health Care for Seniors

Donor funding has helped make health care for Richmond’s elderly patients more compassionate and caring. Donor investments have helped fund vital music therapy at our long-term care homes and in hospital to provide meaningful activity for seniors who may have cognitive impairment or palliative care needs. In Richmond Hospital, donor funding has helped to improve care on our Acute Care for the Elderly unit by providing a warm, welcoming, safe and stimulating environment for older adults as they recover in the hospital.


Equipment for Colon Cancer Screening

Donor leadership has helped fund much-needed equipment to enable a doubling of capacity required for greater colon cancer screening at Richmond Hospital. With early screening, colonoscopes help gastroenterologists to view the colon and remove smaller pre-cancerous polyps, if present, on the spot, sparing patients from painful, more invasive surgery, and resulting in faster recovery times.

Gratitude Reports

Once a year our publication “Gratitude Report: Inspirations” is released, showcasing the joyful giving of our donors, and the skill and innovation of our doctors and nurses. Access this year’s Inspirations below, as well as our back catalogue.

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