Medical Imaging Centre Campaign

Medical imaging is fundamental to the day-to-day of physicians and surgeons within all hospital departments. Medical imaging equipment provides comprehensive diagnostic information that helps our physicians diagnose problems, track the progression of an ongoing illness, or monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Imaging Technologies Changing Medical Practice

The use of imaging modalities has become a cornerstone of the modern hospital, providing improved image quality, reduced exposure to radiation and faster, more accurate diagnostic services for patients.

Access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment at Richmond Hospital’s future Milan and Maureen Ilich Medical Imaging Centre, to be located in the Yurkovich Family Pavilion, will enable thorough diagnoses and well-informed decisions about immediate care and expected future outcomes.

Increasing Capacity

Richmond’s population is growing rapidly. By 2035, it is expected that usage volumes at Richmond Hospital’s Medical Imaging Department will increase by more than 75%. This includes serving acutely ill patients from within the hospital and those patients referred through community-based services including family physicians and specialists.

You can help by coming together as a community and making a donation towards the Medical Imaging Centre Campaign to serve the expected increase of patient volume in Richmond in the years to come.

What will my donation do?

Fully equip the new imaging centre by doubling tools to enable timely and enhanced access for patients
More than double the physical space to accommodate over 200,000 patient visits a year
Purchase new technology for improved image quality, radiation reduction and faster, more accurate diagnostics
Limit or even avoid invasive medical procedures for patients where possible
Establish a satellite medical imaging centre in the new Emergency Department

Be a Catalyst for your Community

Richmond Hospital Foundation is raising $25 million to fund excellence and innovative technologies in the expanded, future Medical Imaging Centre including CT scanners, MRI machines, mammography machines, SPECT machines, X-Ray machines, and interventional radiology machines.

This is your opportunity to help Richmond’s community of care with the latest imaging technology. Together we can ensure the medical imaging team at Richmond Hospital have the best tools to make a positive difference in lives of individuals and families. Donate today.

$25 million goal

We have achieved 100% of our fundraising goal.

“Technology advances in Medical Imaging have transformed the way physicians practice medicine. Today, we’re able to visualize more than mere anatomy of the body – we can actually see inside […] allowing us to evaluate how they function.”

Dr. Ian Wong, Radiologist, Medical Imaging Department,

Richmond Hospital