Sydney Flores's Story  -  November 17, 2023

Sydney’s Story

You recently heard from my parents, Jose and Heidi, about the expert care Richmond Hospital has provided for them. They saved the lives of both of my parents on two separate occasions – first when my dad experienced a heart attack and then when my mom had a serious blood infection.

I’m Sydney, and I’d like to invite you to help support the hospital that kept our family together, and continues to provide families like ours and yours with quality care when we all need it most. As we approach the holiday season, any gift you can make will be a vital investment in that care.

When you go to the hospital, people are often feeling very vulnerable. And that’s why it’s so important to know that you’re going to be well cared for with the expertise and compassion of incredibly dedicated health professionals.

From my dad’s scary and sudden heart attack to my mom’s near organ failure, the Richmond Hospital team was nothing short of amazing. They were thorough, communicative, and most importantly, kind, both towards my parents and us. As patients, my dad and mom felt understood and well taken care of and, as parents, they felt comfort in knowing that their children were also supported.

All of those interactions became my gold standard for professionalism in the health care field. When you’re sick and vulnerable, you know you’re in good hands at Richmond Hospital thanks to amazing staff and the donations of supporters like you.

I’ve just graduated nursing school, and I model my care for patients on the medical professionals I saw growing up at Richmond Hospital. Because of them, when I went into health care, I already knew what great care looks like. I saw the value of family-focused care and communication. I saw how important it is for patients to feel confident about their hospital, knowing that they’re in good hands. Today I can say that Richmond Hospital has made a huge impact on my family and influenced the course of my career.

As we near the holiday season, I hope my story inspires you to make another donation to benefit excellent care for our community. Your donations positively impact the health care in Richmond and enhance and help care for patients and families. Please consider making a donation today.

Sydney Flores
Supporter of Richmond Hospital Foundation

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