Shoppers Drug Mart's philanthropic leaders

Together with our community, select Shoppers Drug Mart locations raised over $200,000 to support Richmond Hospital.
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Transforming Health Care

Your gift helps ensure Richmond Hospital can provide the best quality health care possible, when we need it the most.
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Richmond's Top Priority

Richmond Hospital needs a new Acute Care Tower NOW
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For more than 50 years, Richmond Hospital has been the hub and heart of this community, a community which has cherished and been a champion of ​local health care even before we had a hospital.
Richmond Hospital Foundation is there to ensure the best quality health care is available to us, our family members, friends, and neighbours in Richmond, close to home, for generations to come.

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Donations directly impact the acute and community care services that Richmond Hospital and Vancouver Coastal Health provides, giving our doctors and medical teams the vital tools they need to provide and enhance the compassionate, lifesaving health care they provide.
Your gift helps ensure Richmond Hospital can provide the best quality health care possible, when we need it the most.

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Code Blue Emergency Training


Philips M3535A Heart Steart MRX Code Blue
They are words nobody wants to hear in a hospital: “Code Blue.” But when a patient suffers a cardiac arrest, those words are broadcast throughout the hospital. It’s like hearing alarm bells or the siren of an ambulance. It’s an emergency. Seconds count because a life hangs in the balance. Having properly trained staff to respond on a moment’s notice is essential. So is having the latest state-of-the-art equipment nearby.

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Mel Goodwin

My name’s Mel Goodwin and without the expert care at Richmond Hospital, I could have lost both my feet. I am incredibly grateful to be up and walking, and that’s why I want to share my story with you today. I’ve lived in Richmond since 1952, and spent my lifetime working as an electrical  contractor, consultant and project manager worldwide. All of those years wearing steel-toe boots and working in the industry definitely took a toll on my feet.

"​The infection had gotten bad very quickly - but the doctor's quick action saved me."

I was working long hours on a mining site in Labrador, Newfoundland. The lining in my boots had worn through and one of the toes on my right foot was bleeding. It didn’t look too bad so I just put a bandage on it. After working for 10 hours the next day, my toe was very swollen and had turned yellow. Strangely, I hadn’t felt any pain. The first aid attendant at work told me I had to go home as soon as possible. When I got home, my wife Barbara took me straight to Emergency at Richmond Hospital.
2017 Winter DM - Mel Goodwin



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