Joe & Jean Mitchell's Story  -  Nov 25, 2022

Joe & Jean’s Story

Thanks to the lifesaving care Jean has received from Richmond Hospital, my wife and I are already looking forward to the holiday season and the quality time we’re going to be able to spend with our family. And that’s a lot of quality time to go around because we have four children, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren!

Our relationship with Richmond Hospital goes back a long way with our lengthy history in Richmond. In fact, my grandfather first came to Richmond in 1924 when he ran his cattle over the Marpole Bridge from 37th and Arbutus to settle in Richmond!

In 1952, I was lucky enough to meet Jean. After we married, we decided that I would build a house on Moffatt Road, even though I’d never attempted anything like that before.

What we remember most about that time was the incredible response from the community around us. All kinds of people came out to help get that house built – friends, neighbours, people passing by – and even the building inspector. On a Sunday, there would be 20 people giving their time and expertise to help a young couple establish their first home together!

It showed Jean and me what a community can do when they come together, and it has inspired us ever since. We have a wonderful life here in Richmond and truly believe in the importance of a strong community who care about one another.

Today we see that spirit of community among the supporters of Richmond Hospital Foundation. People like you. People who recognize the critical nature of having quality care in the community and show their support with a donation to the Richmond Hospital Foundation, which I hope you’ll do today.

We know this firsthand because Jean has undergone surgeries and received treatment at Richmond Hospital on many occasions battling breast cancer, stomach cancer and a brain aneurysm, among other serious health conditions.

Through it all, the doctors and nurses have been there for her each time with their immediate and thorough medical expertise combined with their caring and compassionate approach. She has survived all of this with grace, and is so grateful to be here today.

In fact, we’re both incredibly thankful to have outstanding care and medical expertise here so close to home in Richmond. That’s why we’ve made donations to Richmond Hospital Foundation for over 20 years both personally and through my company, Carter GM.

We support Richmond Hospital Foundation because we’ve experienced such high quality health care services in the community of Richmond. Maybe you have too, or your loved ones. Or perhaps you’ll benefit from the excellent health care services at Richmond Hospital some day in the future. It’s an important time of year to come together to support one another.

What we can tell you is that the great care we have received means we’re here today to spend time with our family, and we’d like to see other people benefit and be as fortunate as Jean has been.

Donations to Richmond Hospital Foundation will help provide our health care teams with the vital tools they need to enhance the critical health care they provide for all of us. And thanks to supporters like you, we know that the health care teams at Richmond Hospital will take care of us and our families. So please join us in supporting health care in Richmond and donate to Richmond Hospital Foundation this holiday season.

Joe & Jean Mitchell
Supporters of Richmond Hospital Foundation

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