Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. Donates $20,000 Towards the New Acute Care Tower in Richmond


Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. has generously donated $20,000 towards the new acute care tower (Yurkovich Family Pavilion) in Richmond. Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. is a real estate development company that is building one of the largest integrated communities in Richmond, Viewstar.

As a developer in Richmond, the company understands the importance of health care and meeting the needs of a growing community. Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. wants to ensure up-to-date facilities are in place for those in Richmond as good health is an important element of any community,

“Now is the time for us to come together and do our part in supporting our health care teams,” says Christine Chu, Vice President, Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. “The pandemic has brought us all together and even closer as a community, reminding all of us of the importance of health care and the need for state-of-the-art facilities.”

Grateful for all that our health care teams do for the community. Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. is thankful that their gift to the ACT NOW Campaign will help ensure health care workers have up-to-date facilities, enabling them to provide the best in care close to home.

“We are thankful to Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. for their dedication to improving health care in Richmond,” says Natalie Meixner, President and CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation. “Their philanthropic leadership and commitment to supporting the growing community is an inspiration for us all.”

Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. has pledged $100,000 over 5 years towards the new acute care tower in Richmond. The company is dedicated inspiring the community to come together and build a better and healthier future for Richmond.

Jim Bindon (Director of Philanthropy, Richmond Hospital Foundation) receives the cheque from Christine Chu (Vice President, Yuanheng Holdings Ltd.).

Richmond Hospital Foundation

For over 30 years, Richmond Hospital Foundation has raised over $100 million to help fund vital medical equipment, improvements in patient care services and upgraded facilities. Our goal is to inspire joyful giving within our community to build a better and healthier future for Richmond.


Candace Hernandez
Vice President
[email protected]