Jose Flores's Story  -  September 19, 2023

Jose’s Story

My name is Jose Flores and I’m writing to you because if it weren’t for Richmond Hospital, my children would have lost both their parents.

That’s why I want to show my support for Richmond Hospital Foundation and invite you to do the same. A gift today goes a long way toward equipping our hospital with the best resources to ensure lifesaving care when we need it.

I was on the phone when I started to feel tightness in my chest. Each breath I took became more shallow. I started to sweat and the discomfort that started in my chest gradually travelled down my arm. Luckily, I was at work just minutes away from Richmond Hospital, and was rushed there straight into care. A team of physicians and nurses surrounded me – asking me questions, checking my vital signs, and ordering tests. There was a lot happening all at once.

Turns out, I was experiencing a heart attack.

A lot races through your mind when you’re in pain and not sure if you’ll survive. I am still young and have always been relatively healthy, and despite that, I was worried for my life. But even worse, I worried for my wife and my three beautiful children. What if I don’t make it? What if my kids lose their dad? I still have so much I want to do and share with them – I still need to see them flourish as young adults. And what about my wife? How will she manage three kids and a fulltime job without me all of a sudden?

Thankfully, Richmond Hospital and the expert physicians and nurses knew exactly what to do. One of the nurses noticed how frightened I was, and took the time to reassure me, guide my breathing, and even made small talk to help calm me down.

Donations help fund equipment that support the high calibre of care our expert medical team provides. Please consider making a donation today so the medical team can focus on the best quality of care just like the nurse did for me during a highly traumatic moment I’ll never forget.

I ended up having stents inserted. And while I was recovering in the intensive care unit, it seemed like the nurses never seemed to leave my side. I felt so well taken care of the entire time I was there. Even after returning home, the physicians and nurses continued to check up on me, and I am so grateful.

Most recently, I’ve also had to deal with the body-wracking pain and discomfort of kidney stones—three times. It’s a dreadful experience, but at least I know I’m in good hands with the medical team at Richmond Hospital. They swiftly provided assessment and treatment, quickly relieving me of the terrible pain.

The compassionate and expert care at Richmond Hospital really shines through – from the moment I arrived to the hospital all the way through to the days after I returned home. Their ability to take care of you both physically and mentally are second-to-none. And I am here today thanks to them. Their extraordinary care saved my life, and my kids are thankful to still have a dad.

Richmond Hospital has been there for me through my most challenging times… and you’ll hear about how they were also there for Heidi, my wife. In fact, four generations of my family have been cared for at the hospital. So today I invite you to join me in supporting a hospital that takes care of our family and community the way we want our loved ones to be cared for. Please donate today.

Jose Flores
Supporter of Richmond Hospital Foundation

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