Heidi Flores's Story  -  October 23, 2023

Heidi’s Story

My name is Heidi Flores and my husband wrote to you not long ago about how Richmond Hospital saved his life during a heart attack….

Well, I owe my life to Richmond Hospital too—and a quick-thinking doctor who spotted something unusual.

That’s why I’m writing to you today to ask for your support for Richmond Hospital Foundation. You never know when you might need medical care, but when you do, you want the most thorough and remarkable care. You can make that possible with your generosity.

I started experiencing a throbbing pain in my arm that seemed to have come from nowhere. It was a sensation I couldn’t really explain… and only got worse by the hour. My gut told me this was not something to take lightly, so I decided to walk into the emergency department at Richmond Hospital.

There, I was examined by a doctor who really listened to me and truly heard my pain. Thankfully, he was as thorough as he was compassionate. He noticed that I was running a low-grade fever and diagnosed me with an infection. He rushed me into the intensive care unit without a moment to lose.

By then, I was already in septic shock. Turns out I had a blood infection. My immune system was in overdrive, reacting severely to the infection and my blood pressure plummeted to a dangerous low – a physical state that was life threatening!

You can imagine how helpless I felt. This was the moment I was reminded how important reliable and quality health care is for our community. Our health care team is always here when we need it most, and you can help ensure they are equipped with the resources required with a donation to Richmond Hospital Foundation.

I didn’t quite understand what was happening at the time except that I was having difficulty breathing properly, experiencing what seemed like heart palpitations, and feeling extremely lightheaded.

If we had waited any longer, I could’ve risked heart, lung, and kidney failure. I was so lucky the infection was caught in time. Things really could have taken a horrific turn for the worse if the doctor hadn’t been so vigilant, and I am eternally grateful to him.

It’s that kind of attentiveness and quick action that makes me realize how lucky we are to have extremely competent medical professionals here in Richmond. I witnessed it when my husband was admitted to Richmond Hospital with a sudden heart attack and, myself as a patient first-hand, when I was diagnosed with a life threatening blood infection. Thanks to Richmond Hospital’s doctors and nurses, both my husband – Jose – and I are here today and can continue spending quality time with our three children.   

To this day, Richmond Hospital remains the hospital we turn to first. From mine and my husband’s grandparents down to our children, four generations of our family have placed trust in Richmond Hospital’s expertise.  

We trust Richmond Hospital because you help make it an excellent centre for care. Now I just want to see our community continue to support the hospital’s needs, providing the resources that allow for the best medical care possible. So, please consider supporting that care and help in any way you can today with a gift. Thank you!     

Heidi Flores
Supporter of Richmond Hospital Foundation

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