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Brendan’s Story

My name is Raymond. I’m a business owner here in Richmond, and it’s a community that holds a special place in my heart. Last fall, I experienced what it’s like to be a parent with a child who needs urgent medical care. It was scary and, in that moment, it was a huge relief to know my son was in capable hands at Richmond Hospital.

Brendan, my 16-year-old son, had started to complain of discomfort in his abdomen. It hurt when he pressed on his right side. A year earlier, I’d had serious trouble with my appendix and my son’s symptoms seemed all too familiar.

We headed to a walk-in clinic. After assessing his symptoms, the doctor urged us to go to emergency right away…

“The surgeon, Dr. Yi Man Ko, came and carefully explained everything to my son.” – Raymond

When a family member needs medical attention, we want to know that they will get the best care possible—Richmond Hospital is here to provide that care.

In the past, your gifts have helped those experiencing their own medical crisis! Would you please give again today so that Richmond residents can receive expert care, like my son did?

Once we arrived at the emergency department, the wait wasn’t too long. Brendan was promptly taken in for an ultrasound and, based on the scans, they were quite certain he had appendicitis. Brendan would need minimally invasive surgery to remove his appendix.

I thought he’d probably get surgery the next day, but before we knew it, Brendan was being prepped for the operating room! The surgeon, Dr. Yi Man Ko, came and carefully explained everything to my son.

“Dr. Yi Man Ko and the nurses were really comforting,” says Brendan. “I got over my nervousness, and I actually felt a little excited because I’d never had any type of surgery done before. Everyone was so positive.”

Everything was so efficient at Richmond Hospital. The doctors and nurses were working quickly to help my son.

The surgeon’s confidence was very reassuring. Our experience at Richmond Hospital made me realize how lucky we are to have such high-quality medical services in Richmond.

Within about two weeks, Brendan was feeling back to his normal self. He is an avid cyclist and was waiting anxiously to get back on his bike!

As a parent, I am so grateful to the doctors who cared for my son. They went above and beyond, providing excellent medical care and a personal connection.

“We appreciate everyone at Richmond Hospital for their caring support. They are doing a phenomenal job” – Raymond

The growing community relies on our local hospital. I am so grateful that they are here for my family and yours when we need urgent medical care—that’s why we were happy for the opportunity to give back.

Your gifts ensure that Richmond Hospital can continue to offer the quality medical care we all rely on. Please help keep our community healthy by giving today.

Raymond Lin
Supporter of Richmond Hospital Foundation

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