Richmond Hospital Foundation Launches New Fundraising Campaign as Surgeries Resume at Richmond Hospital

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​As all surgeries resume at Richmond Hospital, Richmond Hospital Foundation is launching a new fundraising campaign for surgical equipment. The Surgical Restart campaign will raise funds for more than $2 million in surgical equipment that will improve care and benefit all surgical specialties at Richmond Hospital. The new campaign represents the single largest refresh of surgical equipment at Richmond Hospital in nearly a decade.

Richmond Hospital performs more than 4,000 inpatient surgeries and more than 5,000 outpatient surgeries each year, and provides a robust array of surgical procedures from across a wide variety of surgical specialties.

“As scheduled surgeries resume post COVID-19 and backlogs are cleared, we know there is a great and urgent need for surgical equipment. Having state-of-the-art equipment allows us to use new groundbreaking surgical techniques, allowing our patients in Richmond to benefit sooner from equipment that has become the new standard of care,” Dr. Daniel Kopac, Head of Surgery and a vascular and general surgeon at Richmond Hospital. “The latest generation of surgical equipment also allows us to attract and retain the best and the brightest surgeons who seek out hospitals in which to use their surgical skills.”

A highlight of Surgical Restart is a new portable, state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical system. Four of the eight Operating Rooms will receive “technology facelifts” for wireless connectivity and ultrafine 4K resolution screens. Minimally invasive surgeries include abdominal surgery, colon cancer surgery and orthopedic procedures, and offer benefits for patients that include faster healing, faster procedures, less pain, less bleeding, shorter hospital stays and faster return to an optimal life.

New surgical equipment also includes revolutionary SPY technology that allows surgeons new computer-enhanced visualizations to ensure proper blood flow to organs in real-time, ensuring greater accuracy, greater patient safety, and greater assurance for surgeons performing procedures.

“Recent events have thrust our health care teams into the spotlight, focusing on how important good health is to all of us and how vital donors from our community are in bringing the best in care close to home,” said Natalie Meixner, President & CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation. “We believe now is the time to invite philanthropic leaders to take action to help fund what’s innovative and necessary to help our surgeons care for those who need it most.”

Dr. Daniel Kopac, Head, Department of Surgery, Richmond Hospital

Richmond Hospital Foundation

For over 30 years, Richmond Hospital Foundation has raised over $100 million to help fund vital medical equipment, improvements in patient care services and upgraded facilities. Our goal is to inspire joyful giving within our community to build a better and healthier future for Richmond.


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Director, Strategic Initiatives