Real Estate Expert Donates $100,000 to Richmond Hospital’s New Acute Care Tower

For Walloce (Wallie) Sohl, providing exceptional service in hospitality is akin to exceptional care in hospitals. In 2018, the real estate expert took this philosophy to heart by investing in the future of health care in Richmond. Sohl pledged $100,000 over a five-year period for the future Yurkovich Family Pavilion, the new acute care tower at Richmond Hospital, and has now fulfilled his generous pledge.

“Investing in the future of health care will ensure that every individual, who comes through Richmond Hospital’s doors, will have the best care possible,” explains Sohl, a RE/MAX realtor since 1987. “Your main goal should be to stay healthy, but should anything happen, the new hospital will be ready to help you with the newest technology and the best care.”

Sohl was introduced to Richmond Hospital Foundation in 2018 and soon after became an early donor towards the ACT NOW Campaign, a campaign that raised funds for the future Yurkovich Family Pavilion. Not only did he make this exceptional commitment, he also introduced a friend to the Foundation, inspiring her to make a gift for the same cause.

The future new acute care tower, Yurkovich Family Pavilion, will signal a new era of health care for Richmond. The expanded hospital will house a new emergency department, fully equipped medical imaging centre, more operating rooms, single-occupancy inpatient rooms and much more. With the redevelopment of the Richmond Hospital facility underway, Richmond’s growing population will soon have access to enhanced, quality health care.

“We are so thankful for Walloce’s donation towards the Yurkovich Family Pavilion,” shares Spencer Gall, Campaign Director, Richmond Hospital Foundation. “His philanthropic gift will help make a profound and positive impact in the community of Richmond for years to come.”

From left to right: Spencer Gall, Campaign Director, Richmond Hospital Foundation; Walloce Sohl; Gloria Wong, Leadership Giving Associate Director, Richmond Hospital Foundation

Richmond Hospital Foundation

Over the past 35 years, Richmond Hospital Foundation has raised over $130 million to help fund vital medical equipment, improvements in patient care services and upgraded facilities. Our goal is to inspire joyful giving within our community to build a better and healthier future for Richmond.


YeeTak Lai
Senior Marketing Manager
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