April 28, 2022

Memorial Fundraiser Pays Tribute to the Human Touch of Richmond Hospital Emergency Nurse

Joyful Giving 

If Barb and Reg Pike had a superpower, theirs would be the ‘human touch.’ The Richmond locals, who both passed away in late 2020, were known for opening their home and hearts to others.

Barb was a compassionate registered nurse for 40 years, with 25 of those years as a Patient Care Coordinator at Richmond Hospital’s Emergency Department before she retired in 2012. Reg was a charismatic, dependable business and salesman in multiple industries throughout his life before retiring in 2013.

The Pikes cared for others as deeply as they did for each other and their two sons, and the community took note.

“When we were growing up, our friends and family who ended up in the Emergency Department would always ask for Barb because she had developed a reputation for putting everyone at ease with her reassuring nature,” explains son Scott. “Barb treated her patients so well – like her own children, in fact – and she was widely respected for her role at the local hospital”.

In honour of Barb and Reg’s memory, with the support of family and friends, their two sons Bryant and Scott raised over $100,000 in 2021 for Richmond Hospital’s Emergency Department, where a memorial plaque will recognize this generous gesture.

“We wanted to memorialize our parents for the compassionate and caring people they were, and recognize the profound impact they had on family, friends growing up, and the patients of Richmond Hospital,” says son Bryant. “We hope that this donation will continue her legacy and help to create a positive healthcare experience for others. Thank you to all our family and friends who helped contribute.”

Dr. Sam Tang, anesthesiologist with Richmond Hospital, saw firsthand how Barb loved helping and caring for people in Richmond. Not only did he grow up with the Pike brothers, but he also ended up working at the same hospital as Barb for a few years before her retirement.

“Barb and Reg were both very welcoming and compassionate, and I considered them extended family,” says Dr. Tang. “Bryant and Scott’s decision to give back to the Emergency Department speaks volumes of the central role the hospital played in their lives. This donation benefits all of us.”

Richmond Hospital Foundation

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