November 19, 2020

IKEA Canada is Dedicated to Making an Impact on Health Care in Their Community


Joyful Giving 

Two of the many dedicated IKEA Richmond team members helping prepare donations. To the right, Brittany Graham, Senior Project Manager, Vancouver Coastal Health.

In March 2020, IKEA Canada announced their dedication to support the most vulnerable communities who have been impacted by COVID-19. Recognizing they can make a significant impact, IKEA Canada has committed to provide approximately $2.3 million in product and supply donations to those most in need.

“We want to help ensure those who are most vulnerable in the communities we serve have a safe and comfortable home during these challenging times,” says Maria Valley, Communication Responsible, IKEA Richmond. “We have also been supporting those leading the COVID-19 relief efforts by providing relevant supplies from our product range to medical services and health facilities.”

With a strong company vision to create a better everyday life for the community and the many people within those communities, IKEA Canada is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of those in the communities they serve.

“At IKEA Richmond we are committed to supporting our medical services and facilities, including Richmond Hospital and Richmond Mental Health,” says Maria. “We want to do all that we can to support our frontline health care workers who are working tirelessly for our health and well-being.”

The team at IKEA Richmond helped transform the cafeteria space at Richmond Hospital into a much-needed rest area for health care workers by donating home furnishings like room dividers, mirrors, storage boxes, plants and more. They also supported Railway House, a new group home for low income, mental health residents, by providing sofas, dining tables, chairs, mattresses, bedroom textiles, and a range of home furnishing accessories – a total donation of $19,735.

“We are extremely grateful to IKEA Richmond for their generous donation,” says Natalie Meixner, President and CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation. “Their donation has had a direct impact on our health care teams and those most vulnerable in our communities during a time of need. We are thankful to IKEA Richmond for their philanthropic leadership and dedication in improving the health care in our community.”

IKEA’S values have been demonstrated through their work in organizing this donation that has made a positive impact in Richmond.

“Togetherness and caring for people and the planet are two of the core IKEA values that is shared by our coworkers. Together we are strong when we pull in the same direction, and together we can make a positive change in our community,” says Maria. “Now more than ever, it is important that we come together as a community.”

“Whether it be directly to the frontline health care workers who are working tirelessly for Richmond’s health and well-being, or our vulnerable communities here in Richmond,” says Maria Valley, Communication Responsible, IKEA Richmond, “we are all committed to building a better and healthier future for Richmond.”

Recognizing the impact the business can have in bringing the best in care to those within their community, IKEA Richmond encourages their fellow business leaders to work together with them and lead by example for the community in which they serve.

“Together we can make an impact in health care,” says Maria. “At IKEA Richmond, our hope is to inspire others to take action and be part of creating a better everyday life for the many people in Richmond.”

Q: How can you and your company get involved in improving health care in the community?

A: To take an active leadership role to support Richmond Hospital, please contact Richmond Hospital Foundation for more information on philanthropic giving and sponsorship opportunities.

Richmond Hospital Foundation

At Richmond Hospital Foundation, joy is at the very heart of the work we do with you. We inspire joyful giving, because to give joyfully is to know that you are part of the solution. You are part of something bigger than yourself. You are helping your loved ones, your friends, your neighbours and your colleagues. You are a driver of health and prosperity. There is a joyousness in coming together to create a life well-lived.

It is our sincere hope you are always inspired to help fund innovation for life. To build a better and healthier future for Richmond. Joyful giving means joyful living.