Building for the Future – Continuing the Momentum Progress Update #2


Message from President & CEO:

Natalie Meixner, President & CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation

Announcing Richmond Hospital Foundation’s $20 million Medical Imaging Centre Campaign! Thanks to the Milan & Maureen Ilich family, we’re well on our way to building a Medical Imaging Centre in the new Yurkovich Family Pavilion that will meet the future imaging needs of residents of Richmond and adjoining municipalities. The new centre will also accommodate the emergency department imaging needs. We are inspired by the Milan & Maureen Ilich family whose philanthropic efforts present opportunities for each of us to also give back and build a better future for health care in Richmond.

Announcing the New Milan and Maureen Ilich Medical Imaging Centre

The Milan and Maureen Ilich Family have a remarkable history of supporting charitable endeavours here in Richmond. They have long been known to adopt causes that drive communities toward a prosperous and exciting future and have been particularly generous toward health care organizations across the province. It should come as no surprise that the Milan & Maureen Ilich Family have once again demonstrated their commitment to this community, becoming the lead donor for the new Medical Imaging Centre campaign. They hope their gift of $10 million will inspire others to join them.

Milan Ilich was born to Yugoslavian immigrants during the Great Depression in Anyox, a small mining town in northwest British Columbia. Soon after his birth, the family moved to Richmond – a community which became Milan’s much-loved home for the rest of his life. Milan, one of 10 siblings, came from humble beginnings, pumping gas and driving a dump truck while still in his teens. He had a fierce work ethic and together with his wife Maureen, founded Progressive in the mid-1960s, building roads both locally and in Washington State. The company ultimately expanded into land development, house construction and the construction of market housing and social housing.

Milan and Maureen Ilich

Throughout their lives, Milan & Maureen reached out to help those in need. They gave back in many ways always hoping to inspire others to do the same. When Richmond Hospital’s existing Medical Imaging Department was opened in 2010, it was named for Milan & Maureen Ilich, in honour of their generous gift that enabled the purchase of much-needed imaging equipment. Milan believed that health care professionals deserved to have the best equipment available – not unlike employees in private industry. Today’s lead donation will set the stage for a vibrant and well-equipped department with the most up-to-date technology and innovation.

Although Milan is no longer with us, his philanthropic vision and love of community continues to thrive under the careful guidance of his family. Milan and Maureen’s son, Rick, successfully led the ACT NOW campaign which has raised more than $50 million. Together with his wife Lauren and family, Rick continues to champion the health care needs of Richmond residents. Milan and Maureen’s daughter Laurie, and son-in-law, Barry Cavanaugh and their family have also made a thoughtful and meaningful contribution in support of the Yurkovich Family Pavilion – and cited Milan as their role model. We hope that you will join the Milan and Maureen Ilich family in their commitment to provide much-need imaging capacity in the new Yurkovich Family Pavilion.

We hope that you will join the Milan and Maureen Ilich family in their commitment to provide much-need imaging capacity in the new Yurkovich Family Pavilion.

Milan and Maureen Ilich family

Richmond Hospital Foundation

At Richmond Hospital Foundation, joy is at the very heart of the work we do with all our partners. Giving joyfully is to know that you are part of the solution and involved in something bigger than yourself. You are helping your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues, your customers. You are a driver of health and prosperity, and find joyousness in coming together to create a life well-lived.

It is our sincere hope you are always inspired to help fund innovation for life, building a better and healthier future for Richmond. Joyful giving means joyful living.

For more information about the new Yurkovich Family Pavilion of Richmond Hospital, please contact:

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