ACT NOW Campaign Update – Issue 7

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Left to right: Michele Cupit, Lisa Greczmiel. Sisters Michele and Lisa have continued to lead the way, being generous supporters of the community of Richmond, BC and Richmond Hospital Foundation. Their donations have allowed our community to receive the best in care close to home.

The Future of Surgical Care in Richmond’s new Yurkovich Family Pavilion

We are pleased to share further details about the Greczmiel Family Surgical Centre in the new acute care tower in this update. This new Centre in the Yurkovich Family Pavilion will allow physicians to continue to deliver on excellent standards of care and we are so grateful to the Greczmiel family for their continued support.


Driven by Richmond’s fast-growing and aging population, the demand for surgeries at Richmond Hospital will escalate in the coming years. And this demand will be met by a first-class team of surgeons and other professionals working within a high-functioning and well-designed space equipped with the best of surgical devices. Ready to embrace a changing surgical landscape, the new Greczmiel Family Surgical Centre will see an expanded number of operating rooms and procedure rooms that are larger, more efficient and adaptable for future surgical innovation. For patients and surgeons alike, high-quality surgical facilities are an important part of an acute care hospital. The Greczmiel Family Surgical Centre in the new acute care tower will encompass 11 multipurpose operating rooms (an increase of three), and 8 procedure rooms (an increase of five), all built to meet modern best-practice standards.

Dr. Daniel Kopac, Head of Surgery, Richmond Hospital.

We are extremely excited about having the surgical facilities that will finally match the high-calibre expertise of our team of dedicated surgeons. These facilities will allow all of us to offer new standards of care well into the future.

Dr. Daniel Kopac
Head of Surgery, Richmond Hospital

Larger Operating Rooms

We look forward to the construction of operating rooms that meet today’s optimal size standards, easily accommodating the installation of ceiling-mounted equipment, allowing for the inclusion of state-of-the-art image-guided visualization systems and minimally invasive surgical equipment and anticipating the acquisition of future innovative technologies. Universal in size, configuration, and layout, the surgical teams will work easily in any of the nearly identical operating rooms, lowering the risk of medical errors. Re-designing the flow of patients from Pre-operative through Post-operative stages means that more patients can have their surgical needs met at Richmond Hospital. The larger operating rooms will ensure Richmond Hospital’s place as one of the Lower Mainland’s few teaching hospitals as they provide sufficient O.R. space to accommodate the next-generation of surgeon-trainees to watch and learn from the experienced and well-practiced experts in their fields of specialty care. Additionally, one of the 11 multi-purpose operating rooms will be designed with special ventilation that creates negative air pressure, allowing Richmond Hospital to safely accommodate patients who present with infectious respiratory illnesses. The negative pressure allows air to flow into the room but not escape from it, an important feature for infection control.

New Surgical Short Stay Unit

A brand new short-stay unit will be created for surgical patients who require short-term monitoring post-surgery but who may not
require an extended inpatient stay. In the new facility, the right level of care will be offered to each patient depending on their individual need.

Procedure Rooms

Many of today’s surgical procedures can be performed without the use of invasive techniques or anaesthesia, allowing patients to return home immediately following their procedure. The new Greczmiel Family Surgical Centre will house eight procedure rooms, (an increase of five), to address the growing demand for same-day procedures within our community.

Innovation in the Surgical Suites

The optimal use of time and space are integral components of modern, well-functioning surgical platforms. We look forward to the
introduction of patient tracking boards which will allow the surgical team to follow the patient throughout their care journey from pre- through post-surgery. The future surgical platform will also use radio-frequency identification (RFID) to track equipment. The introduction of this technology will allow care providers in the Greczmiel Family Surgical Centre to quickly find the equipment
they need when they need it most, improving efficiency, care delivery and ultimately, patient outcomes.

For surgical patients who require monitoring for periods of less than 48 hours, a new Short Stay Unit will alleviate the pressure placed on the inpatient units. This will ensure the right level of Post-operative care is offered to every patient.

Dr. Nam Nguyen
General Surgeon, Richmond Hospital

Dr. Nam Nguyen, General Surgeon, Richmond Hospital

Richmond Hospital Foundation

At Richmond Hospital Foundation, joy is at the very heart of the work we do with you. We inspire joyful giving, because to give joyfully is to know that you are part of the solution. You are part of something bigger than yourself. You are helping your loved ones, your friends, your neighbours and your colleagues. You are a driver of health and prosperity. There is a joyousness in coming together to create a life well-lived.

It is our sincere hope you are always inspired to help fund innovation for life. To build a better and healthier future for Richmond. Joyful giving means joyful living.

For more information about Richmond Hospital Foundation’s ACT NOW campaign to support the new Yurkovich Family Pavilion (Acute Care Tower) for Richmond Hospital, please contact:

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