ACT NOW Campaign Update – Issue 6


New expanded Richmond Hospital plan announced

Natalie Meixner, President & CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation, on behalf of the community, celebrates the announcement of a new Emergency Department for Richmond Hospital. Left to right: Premier John Horgan; Dr. Penny Ballem (Board Chair, Vancouver Coastal Health {VCH}); Minister of Health Adrian Dix; Nelson Kwan (Board Chair, Richmond Hospital Foundation); Vivian Eliopoulos (President & CEO, VCH), Dr. Richard Chan (Emergency Physician and Board Member, Richmond Hospital Foundation).

Expanded Richmond Hospital plan delivers bigger tower, more services

On Thursday, July 2, Premier John Horgan announced that a new state-of-the-art emergency department, a fully-equipped medical imaging department and a new intensive care unit would be added to the original concept plan for the Yurkovich Family Pavilion.

“People have been calling for a new tower at Richmond Hospital, and our government took decisive action to make it happen,” said Premier John Horgan. “That’s why we’re proud to give the green light for a bigger, bolder plan for Richmond Hospital that will bring the facility into the 21st century and deliver the care Richmond needs.”

Premier John Horgan announces a bigger tower for Richmond Hospital while Dr. Richard Chan, Emergency Physician, Richmond Hospital and Natalie Meixner (President & CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation) applaud the decision.

Floor plans envision the new facility will encompass more than 500,000 square feet. The expanded nine-floor tower will provide surgical, emergency, and medical imaging at Richmond Hospital.

Natalie Meixner, President & CEO of Richmond Hospital, responded to the announcement by declaring, “Our community of philanthropic leaders are ecstatic to learn about the additional services that will be included in the new acute care tower and the opportunities for innovation that an expanded project scope will bring. People across our vibrant and diverse community have made commitments to help us reach 88% of our $50 million goal, and we look forward to even greater philanthropic support and involvement from our donors in the future.”

What’s next?

The Vancouver Coastal Health Leadership Team will finalize work on the business plan and submit it to the provincial government in late summer 2020 for approval.

Immediately following the business plan approval, Richmond Hospital will begin the important work of ‘decanting’ or moving patient services within the hospital. This will allow site preparation to occur and will ensure that services to patients and their families will experience minimum disruption during construction.

Design and procurement will follow and construction is expected to begin in 2024.
The Yurkovich Family Pavilion will open in early 2027.

First look: New bird’s-eye view of the Yurkovich Family Pavilion

“During the business planning stage, it became clear that the fast-growing community of Richmond needs a bigger patient care tower with more services,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “The renewed and expanded concept plan reflects our government’s ongoing commitment to the people who live and work here in Richmond, ensuring that timely, quality public health care will be there for them, now and into the future.”

What’s included in the Yurkovich Family Pavilion?

  • A total of 219 inpatient beds (an addition of 111 beds to the original complement in the North Tower).
  • A new Critical Care Unit (Intensive Care and High Acuity Units).
  • Expanded surgical capacity with right-sized operating rooms for today’s many minimally invasive surgical procedures with 11 ORs (an increase of three) and eight procedure rooms (an increase of five).
  • New Emergency Department including a satellite Medical Imaging Centre housing a dedicated CT scanner and x-ray facilities, a paediatric unit and a psychiatric emergency unit.
  • New full-service Medical Imaging Centre to address the critical needs of Richmond’s growing population.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Expanded plans will address seismic and flood risks at the existing site.

Richmond Hospital Foundation

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