Game-changers in Surgical and Medical Imaging

Campaign Goal: $800,000

Better performance, better results is a driving force for health care teams with patients receiving the ultimate benefit.

By supporting this campaign, you can help enhance diagnostic and surgical care in Richmond which includes improving access to diagnostic procedures for cardiac patients, elevating the treatment experience for those with breast cancer, and shortening the recovery time for patients who require hip surgeries.

Echocardiography Ultrasound Machine $190,000

An echocardiogram machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment using high- frequency sound waves that enables advanced imaging of the size and structure of the heart. Echocardiogram imaging allows a thorough evaluation of the heart’s function: its pumping action and the blood flow across the valves.

Today, as access to this critical diagnostic equipment is limited, patients often need to wait for a simple test that can diagnose conditions such as disease of the heart muscle, heart valve, or to evaluate responses to a treatment.

MOLLI-Marker and Accessories

Magnetic seeds are now changing the way breast cancer patients experience their treatment and help decrease anxiety and discomfort.

Typically, localization – using fish-hook-like wires inserted under the skin to guide the surgeon to the precise location of the tumour – is used to mark the breast before surgery. MOLLI is a wire-free localization technology with no adverse side effects, and can be placed up to 30 days in advance of surgery. Up to five of these procedures per day can be performed and is designed for ease, precision, reliability, operating room efficiency.

Orthopedic Anterior Hip Table

The hip table is a patient positioning device that supports a new surgical approach from the front of the body. This approach enables smaller incisions and reduces damage to muscles. A translucent, motorized hip table, X-rays can pass through allowing surgeons to achieve optimal procedure results.

Faster recovery times, reduced pain after surgery, minimal blood loss and scarring, and lowered risk for complications following surgery are all benefits experienced by patients.

Your gift supporting the acquisition of critical equipment for Richmond Hospital is gratefully received. Your donations ensure our hardworking health care professionals deliver the best care possible to a growing number of patients.

Consistent with our Fiscal Responsibility policy, a 5% contribution (already included in total listed) from all designated donations will support the Gift of Health Fund and the work of Richmond Hospital Foundation to improve care for patients and families.