We would like to keep you up to date on stories relating to Richmond Hospital or Richmond Hospital Foundation, and also share stories of community partners who have dedicated themselves to the cause of bettering local health care. 


If you call Richmond home for work, you are likely spending upwards of 40 hours per week here in the community. Richmond has hundreds of businesses, with more than 100,000 employees.  Xibita, a local company that produces large scale, innovative trade show displays and graphic designs, has called Richmond home for three decades. Xibita recognizes the importance of heath care being a cornerstone of its community, and has been a generous supporter and sponsor of Richmond Hospital Foundation for over 15 years. 

Like many other businesses, Xibita came to experience firsthand the need for health care nearby when one day last January, Brian relied on Richmond Hospital to save his life. Read more.

Brian Keokbe - Xibita


It took the power of community and a steadfast passion to never give up.  Richmond raised its voices around the need for a new health care tower to replace the original that was built in the 1960s.  From the young to the young at heart and from businesses to small associations, the community joined hands for a common purpose.  The local government also became a champion. 

Letters were written, petitions were signed - all demanding the outdated and seismically unsafe structure be replaced. The Province listened to our community, and took action.  Read more.

Community Matters - March 29 Announcement


When given the opportunity to support improvements in health care at Richmond Hospital, Angela Fok didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

While the level of care is excellent at Richmond Hospital, there are challenges due to the age of the original building. When staying with her grandfather in the hospital, Angela wished that there was a more comfortable room. “It would make a big difference for patients and families to have a more modern facility," ​she says.

With Angela’s background with Elite Wealth Management, which provides investment and insurance advice to its clients, she has some insight into how others can support the hospital. Learn more.

2018 Community Matters - Angela Fok


Christmas is a day of giving and that’s no exception for the staff and management at White Spot Richmond Centre, whose now legendary tradition of yuletide giving warms hearts while raising funds.

This Christmas Day, White Spot Richmond Centre will once again hold its annual Christmas luncheon with all staff time, tips and net proceeds generously donated to Richmond Hospital Foundation.

The luncheon has become a part of the annual seasonal traditions for longtime customers Coreen and Brian Van Dorp. Read more.

2017 White Spot


For Matthew McBride, chair of the Richmond Poppy Fund, the poppy is more than just a symbol. “I see every poppy as a human life,” says McBride, a retired Navy diver who has also been the organizer of the Richmond Remembrance Day parade for the last 11 years. “Over 117,000 Canadians lost their lives in service to our country, and countless lives of veterans were lost following their service due to physical or mental illness.”

“Every community needs a hospital at its core,” McBride says. “We begin our lives here, we end our lives here, we come back for regular maintenance throughout the course of our lives. How that hospital integrates with our lives is a reflection on how we feel about ourselves and our neighbours.” Read more.

Community Matters - Richmond Poppy Fund

A New Acute Care Tower is Our community's Top Priority

Last week I wrote about the groundswell of community support in Richmond as individuals, business groups,  community and seniors organizations made submissions to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services urging the Provincial Government to fund a new Acute Care Tower in Richmond in the 2018 budget so construction can begin by 2020. I want to share another letter, this time from someone on the frontline of care day in and day out at Richmond Hospital.

Richmond Hospital 009
Dr. David Li is the program head of the Richmond Hospital Hospitalist program. Along with his team of 18 hospitalist physicians, they are responsible for providing care for up to 130 acute care in-patients daily at Richmond Hospital. Dr. Li has been working at Richmond Hospital for the past 11 years and knows firsthand all too well the urgent need for a new Acute Care Tower at Richmond Hospital. 

Read more.

Our community is united and needs a new Acute Care Tower

When it comes to what’s important to people in Richmond, we know our community is united. Richmond needs a new Acute Care Tower and is speaking out, loud and clear. It’s been in the media, it was the top issue for local candidates in the spring provincial election, and it is an election promise made by the Premier.  It’s also a matter of great urgency. At more than half a century old, the original hospital tower is unsafe, obsolete and unable to meet the health care needs of our growing community.

Dr. Brenda Wagner, who is the Senior Medical Director at Richmond Hospita​l, is a passionate advocate for a new Acute Care Tower and speaks on behalf of her medical colleagues here at Richmond Hospital. Read more.



Working closely together, health care services and medication go hand-in-hand. So when it came time to choose a beneficiary for their fundraising campaigns, all six Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Richmond collectively decided to support local health care.

“As health care professionals, we care deeply about the health of our community,” says Alex Dar Santos Pharmacist and Owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart at No. 5 Road and Cambie Road. Read more.

Alex Dar Santos_Shoppers Drug Mart_Community Matters Photo

World Duty Free Employees Pay It Forward For Local Health Care

With a global view to provide travellers through YVR with the ultimate shopping experience, World Duty Free is also firmly focused on the local community to help improve health care for Richmond. With more than 300 employees, World Duty Free (a Dufry company), located in the International and US Terminals at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), offers local and global luxury brands well-known to all. Lesser known perhaps may be their dedication to fundraising and commitment to make an impact on health care for Richmond residents and the more than 21 million passengers that pass through YVR each year. Read more.

WDF Group Photo (web reduced)

​Acute Care Tower a Priority for Richmond

Dr Ken Poon (web)
Dr. Ken Poon

Dr Ken Poon (web)
Dr. Ken Poon

With summer now officially upon us, the school year over and summer vacations about to begin for many, we have Canada Day to look forward to. This year, July 1 takes on special significance as we celebrate 150 years of Confederation and reflect on the virtues of our country: a peaceful land with a respect for fairness, diversity and concern for others.

Among the many values we hold in common, what also stands out is the high regard we have for health. Health care is a cherished Canadian value. It’s something what we want for ourselves, our loved ones, our friends and our neighbours. We want it to be there now and we want to ensure it is there for future generations. Read more.

Westwind Elementary School Teaching Future Generations the Joy of Giving

Learning how to be a good community citizen is one of life’s important lessons, and Westwind Elementary School has taken this lesson to heart. Rallying together students, staff, parents and families over the last three months, students learned the value of helping others and giving back by raising $7,001 in support of Richmond Hospital. Read more.

Westwind Cheque Presentation_(reduced)

RCG Group Builds on Vision for a Healthy Community

Imagine looking at a parcel of land and envisioning a healthy, thriving community. That's the visionary leadership that’s second nature to Richmond-based RCG Group, whose roots here stretch back more than 50 years. And whether it’s developing and managing property or investing in local health care, being passionate about a healthy community is central to their values and their business. Read more.

Gordon Walker

Aspac Upholds Spirit of Giving, Supporting Richmond Hospital when Code Blue Emergencies Strike

A great community requires strong leadership and investment, and when it comes to local health care here in Richmond, Aspac Developments has proven itself on both counts. World-class in style and scope but with deep community roots, Aspac is a true champion as a sponsor, donor and community leader over many years to help improve care at Richmond Hospital. Read more.


Richmond Firefighters Association donates to support
new Acute Care Tower at Richmond Hospital 

Richmond Firefighters Association is taking a philanthropic leadership role by directing a $250,000 donation towards a new Acute Care Tower at Richmond Hospital.  Each member has personally pledged through payroll deduction towards the donation.

As first responders who are often first on scene helping with medical emergencies, Richmond Firefighters Association are true champions of Richmond Hospital and local health care. Richmond Hospital’s original tower, more than 50 years old, needs to be replaced. Opened in 1966, the building is seismically unstable with obsolete and deficient facilities, and is unable to meet the needs of Richmond’s dramatically growing population, including our seniors, the fastest growing population of seniors in all of B.C.

The Richmond Firefighters Association, whose own facilities have been upgraded to withstand earthquakes, represents all of Richmond’s 215 firefighting, training, investigation, fire prevention, public education and mechanical staff who work around the clock to keep the citizens of Richmond safe. 

Richmond Hospital Foundation thanks the Richmond Firefighters Association and its members for their leadership and generosity to improve health care here at home, now and in the future.

Richmond Firefighters Association (web)

Indo-Canadian community opens its heart for Richmond Hospital

March 10, 2017

Balwant Sanghera, well-known Richmond resident and member of the management committee of India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas, is exemplary in his passion for local health care and his advocacy to help improve it.  

Last year, the India Cultural Center of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas donated $41,500 to Richmond Hospital Foundation to improve local health care.

“Richmond Hospital is one of the community’s most important institutions and our donation will help ensure local health care is there for all of us in the future.” Sanghera says.  “Planning for an acute care tower with the most modern equipment and facilities is essential.  Such a huge project will receive a lot of financial and moral support from the community.”  

20160831_India Cultural Centre of Canada

White Spot Richmond Centre Christmas Luncheon celebrates 15 years of improving local health care

December 24, 2016

A heart-warming Christmas tradition in Richmond celebrates 15 years of helping to improve local health
care as White Spot Richmond Centre holds its annual Christmas luncheon on Christmas Day. Once again, White Spot Richmond Centre opened its doors from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with all staff time, tips and net proceeds generously donated to Richmond Hospital Foundation.

“We will have nearly 60 staff working over three shifts with about a dozen people this year who have been participating from the beginning. And it’s amazing to see how many former staff members will return, some travelling from as far away as Toronto to come back and help out,”  says Charlie Tsang, Manager, White Spot Richmond Centre.  Read more.

2011 White Spot web

Richmond Poppy Fund Helps Veterans and Richmond Hospital

November 4, 2016

As one of Richmond Hospital Foundation’s longstanding donors, the Richmond Poppy Fund has benefited the many veterans, other patients and their families by helping to purchase urgently needed medical equipment. For example, the Poppy Fund has recently helped to fund a new surgical microscope for ear, nose and throat surgeons at Richmond Hospital.  The funds helps veterans all year round.  Read more.


NCIX improves local health care for growing, diverse community

September 15, 2016

As Presenting Sponsor for Richmond Hospital Foundation’s Community Cares Month now underway, NCIX Computers & Electronics knows how a helping hand can make a difference in local health care.

 “A lot of our staff’s relatives have been using Richmond Hospital and we see the need for upgrades,” says Sam Li, Marketing Manager, NCIX Computers & Electronics.

“Richmond is our backyard,” Li says. “We see a growing number of people here in Richmond, but really the hospital has not been updated as quickly.  Since we are in this industry we see that technology can really help patients a lot and is very key. How quickly we can get this equipment to patients is very crucial.”  Read more.


Help make greater strides towards better mental health in Richmond

August 30, 2016
An innovative initiative at Vancouver Coastal Health-Richmond is beginning to make a difference for mental health and substance use care for clients and their families.

Some major changes include new Person & Family Centred Care Standards and Relationship & Service Standards, reflecting core concepts of dignity & respect; information sharing; participation; and collaboration.  Read more.

2015 Grind for the Mind Cheque Presentation

Sun Life Burnaby Metro Vancouver Financial Center makes patient care brighter at Richmond Hospital

July 29, 2016

"I can't brag enough about the service and treatment I received," Adrian Fung, a Sun Life Financial Sales Manager, Burnaby Metro Vancouver Financial Center, which was a recently a major sponsor of Richmond Hospital's Golf Tournament.  "Kudos to all the medical services people there.  They really cared."  Read more.

Sun Life Financial Adrian Fung (for web)

A new era for Richmond Hospital

June 17, 2016

The history of Richmond Hospital is a story of leaders and champions who care passionately about local health care.  We witnessed at the beginning of June, when Richmond Hospital achieved a major milestone as the Province announced that in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health and Richmond
Hospital Foundation, planning is beginning on a new acute care tower.  Read more.

June 2 2016

Aspac a champion for the community

May 24, 2016
“At Aspac, we are committed to building communities. We have chosen to be a loyal donor and sponsor to ensure that Richmond gets the best local health care it deserves,” says Raymond Li, Aspac’s Senior Vice President. “State-of-the-art medical equipment, facilities, and knowledgeable staff are what keep a community strong.”  Read more.

ASPAC_SCB0140 (reduced)

Diabetes and our Community

April 29, 2016
“Diabetes is a chronic disease and it’s growing at an alarming pace. In 20 years, diabetes will be one of our biggest health care burdens as it grows to become the number one killer on the planet.,” says Dr. David E. Harris, endocrinology and metabolism specialist at Richmond Hospital.  Read more.

Dr David E Harris

Richmond Firefighters Association take leadership role to improve care to Richmond Hospital

March 30, 2016
“We rely on our training and experience to do our best to help people at their time of need. We all want the very best care for patients, but we can only do so much in the field. Being able to help fund improvements to patient care at Richmond Hospital really completes the circle for us,” says Jen McElgunn, a Richmond Firefighter member since 2008.  Read more

Richmond Firefighters Association Donates $250,000 to Richmond Hospital Foundation (web)
Celebrate 50 years of local surgical care

March 30, 2016
“The equipment that we have allows us to do a full spectrum of treatment here in the hospital.The procedures we perform are becoming more technically complex as we expand the things we are able to do and this allows patients to return to their normal lives more quickly.The types of surgery that we’re doing nowadays would be unrecognizable to surgeons 20 years ago." says Dr Ken Poon, Head of Surgery at Richmond Hospital.  Read more.

Dr Ken Poon (web)

Canadian Western Bank investing in local health care

March 18, 2016
As a Committee member of Richmond Hospital Foundation’s Golf Tournament, which takes place on June 6, Canadian Western Bank will be asking its clients to make a donation in support of a state-of-the-art portable patient monitor for the Emergency Department.

Michael Yeung, Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager, Richmond Branch and his colleague, Andrew Lam, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Banking have both vowed to shave their heads if they reach their $20,000 goal!  Read more.

Canadian Western Bank (web)

Charity begins at home for health care close to home

February 26, 2016
Sandy So, owner operator of Re/
Max Sandy So Realty, is a dedicated and inspiring philanthropist, who champions quality local health care and volunteerism.  Leading by example, she recently donated $100,000 to Richmond Hospital Foundation to purchase a new specialized portable ultrasound unit, which will serve patients across the entire hospital.  Read more.

Sandy So

A tipping point at 50 years

February 19, 2016
Richmond Hospital reaches a major milestone celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2016.  The original patient care tower, now 50 years old is seismically unstable, obsolete and at the end of its lifespan and the community continues to grow, outpacing Richmond Hospital's capacity.  Read more.

1997 42 2 42

Nearly 50 years of Richmond Hospital

January 29, 2016
Imagine not having a hospital when you need it. Richmond Hospital is something we often take for granted, but more than 50 years ago, patients requiring hospital care had to travel to Vancouver or New Westminster. Richmond’s doctors were also spending a lot of time driving back and forth between their practice in Richmond and hospitals in Vancouver or elsewhere. And at the time Richmond was undergoing a population boom as young families were attracted by the new houses and cheap land prices. Read more.

1997 42 2 41

Then, as now, a need for local health care

January 15, 2016
Richmond residents can take heart in knowing they have a great local hospital looking after the needs of the people in our community.  But prior to 1966, Richmond didn't even have a hospital.  It took 13 years of hard work by dedicated residents to get the hospital built.  One of these people who helped make it happen was Dr. Richard (Dick) Talmey.  Read more.

ConceptDrawing cropped

Joyful giving to improve health for us all

December 16, 2015
Being able to visit with loved ones and share in holiday traditions like exchanging gifts, we are reminded how good health truly is the most precious gift we can have.  Joe Mitchell, Chairman at Carter Auto Family GM, wants to share his inspiring story including his several unforgettable experiences at the hospital.  Read more.

Joe Mitchell_web

Expert surgical care to prevent disability

December 04, 2015
It’s something many of us take for granted until crippling pain strikes: our own mobility. Walking, running or the simple ability to move can become impossible. Dr. Fay Leung is a Richmond Hospital-based orthopedic surgeon, who performs highly specialized minimally invasive procedures for shoulders, knees and in particular hip, some of which she performed at UBC Hospital because they had the equipment that they had. She is one of only four surgeons in the province providing these super-specialized surgeries to treat pre-arthritic hip conditions to improve mobility and
prevent disability. Read more.

Dr. Fay Leung_web

Richmond Hospital Foundation Board focused on improving local health care

December 2, 2015 “We are proud to help deliver results on behalf of our donors to our hospital. this means helping ensure our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and improved facilities for the future to provide the exemplary health care that Richmond is known for.” says Kyle Shury, Richmond Hospital Foundation's newly appointed board chair.  Read more. 2015 Richmond Hospital Foundation Board

Japan Airlines: In the skies supporting healthcare in Richmond

October 23, 2015  “It’s critical to have emergency care nearby,” says Serena Lee, General Manager, Passenger Sales Canada at Japan Airlines. “On one of our flights there was a  passenger with a serious medical emergency. We radioed ahead. We called the ambulance upon arrival. Our staff even escorted the passenger to Richmond Hospital. She would have lost her eyesight if she didn’t receive prompt medical attention. Richmond Hospital is the closest hospital to the airport and that’s something we appreciate.”  Read More Serena Lee


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