April 20, 2023

William Wan’s Walk for Hope


Re: (SWARP) A Senior Walks for All Richmond Patients to Raise Funds for Richmond Hospital Foundation

I, William Wan, am a senior living in Richmond and a cancer patient come-back. From mid-2019 to present, I have been receiving various medical services and treatments in Richmond Hospital. During such time, I have experienced the warmth and tenderness of health care providers, including nurses and doctors (especially my consulting oncologist, Dr. John Yun). Even though I have been devastated physically and emotionally since being diagnosed at a late stage for such a deadly illness, I have been fighting with unyielding spirit. Due to the professionalism of health care providers in the hospital and the supports of friends and relatives, especially my wife and children, I am gradually regaining myself and progressing on a thorny road to recovery. In order to turn my adversary into celebration, I intend to cherish the “Glory of Life” with all patients.

Currently there are so many negativities pervading in communities. The team spirit of the love and care of health care providers is worthy to be applauded and extended out from the hospital. It is only love and care that will make a more inclusive and harmonious society.

All such initiate me to propose a walk to raise funds for Richmond Hospital Foundation under the captioned slogan (SWARP); this hopefully results in a larger modernized hospital to accommodate the needs of a growing population. All patients, young or old (especially the increasing silver-haired group) will continue receiving top-class hospitalization. Thus, I decide to grasp this precious moment of time, while I am still able and capable, to accomplish the proposed charity Walkathon, as scheduled below:

Charity Walkathon Schedule:
Date: May 01, 2023 (on Monday, Wednesday & Friday every week) till May 31, 2023.
Time: Walkathon will be in the morning on the stipulated days for approx. 1 to 1 ½ hours
Monday, May 01, 2023, Walkathon will be starting @ 10:00 AM
Route: On roads around Richmond Hospital with starting & finishing point somewhere near main entrance of Richmond Hospital.

I sincerely hope my small step will make a big step towards raising funds for the said purpose that will benefit patients, not only for those living in Richmond but also in proximity areas, such as Ladner & Tsawwassen.

Donations can be made online on this page or you can mail a cheque to Richmond Hospital Foundation, 7000 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC, V6X 1A2, marked for SWARP. Donations, no matter large or small, are welcome. Or walking with me is also highly appreciated!

I sincerely hope that you will echo my calling.


If you would like to learn more about Richmond Hospital Foundation, please contact:

Theresa Blackwell