Gratitude Report

Message from Board Chair & President

SINCE ITS INCEPTION OVER 50 YEARS AGO, Richmond Hospital has blossomed into the local health care facility that people have come to expect dependable and quality health care from.

Now serving one of the most diverse populations in the world, Richmond Hospital is recognized as an exemplary facility that is dedicated to providing compassionate care while always seeking to improve the calibre of care they deliver.

Richmond continues to see rapid population growth, especially for the seniors’ population. These growth trends lead to increasing numbers of patients at the hospital which then places increasing demands on our hospital facilities and equipment. Your donations help to alleviate these increases.

Our health care teams tell us each day how your donations towards equipment, patient care programs and facilities are essential to help improve the calibre of care they deliver.

In Richmond’s community of care, providing accessible and quality local health care for everyone in this diverse community is a vision we all support. From the hospital to the community to home, in our community of care, we always have the people’s interests and care in mind, both now, and in the future.

The strength of a community is reflected in the health of its citizens and with your donations, you are helping to save lives and keeping the community healthy. Thank you for making local health care a priority here in Richmond.

Nelson Kwan
​Nelson Kwan
Chair, Board of Directors
Richmond Hospital Foundation
Natalie Meixner
Natalie D. Meixner
President & CEO
Richmond Hospital Foundation

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for VCH-Richmond and our community’s health care needs

Inspiring individuals, businesses and organizations to give to Richmond Hospital Foundation as their charity of choice to help purchase vital medical equipment, improve patient care programs and upgrade local facilities.

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