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When she was five years old, Wendy Yurkovich remembers hearing her father’s car pull into the driveway just before sun-up. Her front upstairs bedroom meant she’d know when he’d arrived home from a late-night call to what was then the newly opened Richmond Hospital, usually to deliver a baby. Dr. Tony Yurkovich was ready to answer the question his eldest child would ask as she perched on the stairs in her pajamas: “What’s the baby’s name, daddy?” 

As a family doctor in Richmond for more than 40 years Dr. Tony Yurkovich is well known to countless patients and families who have required care over the years. Together, he and Nancy, his wife, a registered nurse, have long understood the importance of health and community and have been tireless champions for both.

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With the support of their three grown children, Wendy, Susan and David, and their seven grandchildren, Tony and Nancy feel great joy to be part of something bigger than themselves and decided to make a transformational lead gift—the single largest donation in the history of the Richmond Hospital Foundation—toward a new much-needed Acute Care Tower at Richmond Hospital, announced at an event to celebrate the Yurkovich family on February 3, 2017.

Having had the good foresight years ago to invest in some land in Richmond and having seen its value rise over the years, Tony and Nancy felt inspired to make an investment to help improve health care close to home.  Today they inspire others to join them.


"Back then we wanted the very best health care for the people of Richmond. We still want the same thing today.​"

- Nancy Yurkovich

In honour of their generosity, the original hospital tower, whose official opening they attended in 1966, has been named the Yurkovich Family Pavilion. The Pavilion naming will then transfer to a new Acute Care Tower when built. “Back then we wanted the very best health care for the people of Richmond,” says Nancy. “We still want the same thing today, and that’s what a new Acute Care Tower will mean for us.”

Looking back on the early years of a poor Richmond farm boy, it is no surprise the idea of community took root in young Tony. After his father died when Tony was just six years old, his Croatian-born, widowed mother applied a steely determination to ensure Tony and his brother Robert would want for nothing.

Tony remembers a pastoral childhood in Richmond, buoyed by the neighbourly ways of the strong and growing Croatian community. “None of us had much but we shared what we had.” Tony remembers.

Working in the shingle mills and canneries, Tony put himself through medical school at The University of British Columbia and chose to build a practice in Richmond.

Nancy, born in Toronto, became a registered nurse and moved to the West Coast, meeting Tony while working in the pediatric ward of the same hospital in 1960.  They married in 1962, settled in Richmond and she ensured their home became a gathering place for family and friends.

An expression of gratitude to the people and place that helped them build rich lives for their family, their gift serves as an inspiration to others in our community to take action.

“I love this community”, says Tony. “I feel great joy in giving.”

"Nancy and I are grateful that we can be the impetus for this initiative, helping the hospital to be the best that it can be now and for the future."

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"I love this community.
I feel great joy in giving.​"
- Dr. Tony Yurkovich


Feb 3 2017 Yurkovich Event

Tony & Nancy Yurkovich
Yurkovich Family

Long-time Richmond residents, Dr. Tony and Mrs. Nancy Yurkovich today made the single largest gift in the history of Richmond Hospital Foundation in support of a new Acute Care Tower.  While the Yurkovich’s gift ranks among some of the largest donations made to a hospital foundation in British Columbia, the couple remains modest and humble, preferring to inspire others to join and are thrilled that more than 10 families and organizations have made commitments totalling $25 million toward a new Acute Care Tower at Richmond Hospital.

In recognition of their generosity, the original hospital tower, whose official opening they attended in 1966, will be named the Yurkovich Family Pavilion.  In the future, when a new Acute Care Tower is approved by the Provincial Government, the naming will transfer to the new building.

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Watch highlights of Richmond Hospital Yurkovich Family Pavilion Event:

Dr. Tony & Mrs. Nancy Yurkovich
To view additional speaking programs from event on Feb 3, 2017, please click on videos below:
Ms. Mary Ackenhusen
President & CEO
Vancouver Coastal Health
Mayor Malcolm Brodie
City of Richmond
Honourable Teresa Wat
Minister of International Trade, Minister Responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy & Multiculturalism, MLA, Richmond Centre
Mr. Rick Ilich
ACT NOW Campaign Chair
Richmond Hospital Foundation
Ms. Susan Yurkovich
Dr. Ken Poon
Head, Department of Surgery
Richmond Hospital
Mr. Kyle Shury
Board Chair
Richmond Hospital Foundation
Ms. Natalie D. Meixner
President & CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation

2015 Leadership Award Recipient: Dr. Tony & Mrs. Nancy Yurkovich

2015 Leaderhip Award
Dr. Tony and Mrs. Nancy Yurkovich are exemplary philanthropic leaders and life-long champions of care and compassion for others, beginning in an era when doctors made house calls, before ambulance services existed and even before Richmond Hospital was built.  

Over the years Tony and Nancy, working as a team, have been truly passionate supporters and advocates of local health care in Richmond and beyond, inspiring others to help improve care in many areas including mental health, home care and end of life care.

In 2015, Dr. Tony & Mrs. Nancy Yurkovich received Richmond Hospital Foundation’s Leadership Award at Richmond Hospital Foundation’s 17th Starlight Gala for their philanthropic leadership and being lifelong champions of care and compassion for others.

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