Richmond Hospital Needs a New Acute Care Tower

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We need the right facilities and equipment to meet the increasing demands of our growing population.  

Exceptional health care requires three important components: expertise, equipment and facilities. While our highly skilled doctors and nurses provide the highest quality of health care, Richmond urgently needs a new Acute Care Tower to meet both current and future demands of a rapidly growing and aging population.

> Why Richmond Hospital needs a new Acute Care Tower NOW
> A Hospital for the 21st Century
> Helping to Transform Local Health Care
> We need you to ACT NOW!
To learn more how you can make an impact on health care for the community, please contact:
Sharon Kennedy
Campaign Director
Richmond Hospital Foundation
T: 604.244.5376


Of Current Seismic Standards

Richmond Hospital’s original tower meets only 17% of current seismic standards, placing 108 beds and 8 Operating Rooms at EXTREME RISK in the event of a moderate earthquake of 5.0 to 5.9 on the Richter scale.

Seismic instability


Obsolete & Deficient Infrastructure

Deficient tower

The 50-year-old tower has been rated as 79% deficient with failing systems. Any rating above 30% is considered “poor.”


Our operating rooms are built below the flood plain and are at risk in a flood or tsunami.  These rooms are too small, at only half the size of current standards —and cannot fit all the state-of-the-art surgical equipment in use today.


For infection control, the current standard is 80% single patient rooms.  Richmond Hospital has only 10% single patient rooms. Most rooms now have three to four patients.


Exponential Growth in Population

Hospital beds 1

In 1966, Richmond had 50,000 residents and 132 hospital beds.

Hospital beds 2

Richmond has quadrupled in size to 200,000 residents but its funded hospital beds have less than doubled to 233.

By 2030, Richmond is expected to surpass 250,000 residents.


Richmond has the fastest growing seniors population in B.C. From now to 2030, the number of seniors
will more than double to 65,000

Richmond has the longest life expectancy in Canada, at nearly 85 years, placing extreme pressure on our hospital’s ability to provide acute care service.

A Hospital for the 21st Century


Modern medicine is dramatically different from what it was when Richmond Hospital opened more than 50 years ago. Today's hospitals must adapt to changing technological development and reflect an understanding of the vital role of design in fostering healing.

Richmond Hospital urgently needs a new Acute Care Tower to reflect the latest developments in patient-centred design and will meet or exceed standards of earthquake safety, and infection prevention and control. The facility will encourage collaborative practice between multi-disciplinary professionals, providing Richmond residents the highest calibre of health care.

More details will be available as planning continues for the new tower.

Richmond needs ​a hospital that will bring:

  • 321,000 (gross) square foot facility
  • 6 to 8 new hospital floors, designed to optimize patient and equipment flow all under one roof, with:
  • 8 to 10 new and larger state-of-the-art operating rooms
  • 8 surgical day care procedure rooms
  • A state-of-the-art sterilization facility for medical equipment
ACT Tower Rendering 2
Artist's conceptual renderings of the proposed Acute Care Tower, future site of the Yurkovich Family Pavilion.
Artist Rendering (patient room)
  • Modern, comfortable patient rooms which will double the in-patient capacity
  • Majority of private single rooms to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality, and reduce the risk of infection
  • Establishing patient rehabilitation areas that promote faster healing
Natural light, intuitive wayfinding, and integrated technology provide the optimum in patient care. 


Helping to Transform Local Health Care:

2017 Community Cares Award presented to City of Richmond Mayor & Council

Richmond Hospital Foundation is honoured to present the annual Community Cares Award to the City of Richmond Mayor & Council for helping to champion the need for a new Acute Care Tower. The annual award is presented to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership that has helped Richmond Hospital Foundation reach out to our diverse and growing community.

> Press Release, September 6, 2017
2017 CCM Award Media Event Presentation

Dr. Tony & Mrs. Nancy Yurkovich Share Passion for Community, Inspiring Others


"Back then we wanted the very best health care for the people of Richmond. We still want the same thing today.​"

- Nancy Yurkovich

When she was five years old, Wendy Yurkovich remembers hearing her father's car pull into the driveway just before sun-up. Her front upstairs bedroom meant she'd know when he'd arrived home from a late-night call to what was the newly opened Richmond Hospital, usually to deliver a baby. Dr. Tony Yurkovich was read to answer the question his eldest daughter would ask as she perched on the stairs in her pajamas: "What's the baby's name, daddy?"

As a family doctor in Richmond for more than 40 years, Dr. Tony Yurkovich is well known to countless patients and families who have required care over the years. Together, he and Nancy, his wife, a registered nurse, have long understood the importance of health and community and have been tireless champions for both.

Read more about the Yurkovich Family >

Dr. Brenda Wagner

Senior Medical Director
Vancouver Coastal Health - Richmond

Since the time I first began working at Richmond Hospital as an obstetrician/gynecologist more than 20 years ago, a replacement for the original aging North tower has been talked about. Two decades later, there still is no commitment or funding to replace it and build a new Acute Care Tower.

We have known for many years a new Acute Care Tower is needed to provide the right health care for our population. It is no understatement to say our medical and surgical staff are disappointed over the lack of inaction.

Read more.

Dr. David Li

Head, Hospitalist Program
Vancouver Coastal Health - Richmond

Over the past 11 years, I have seen a tremendous growth in the population of Richmond and as a result of that, increased demand on our hospital inpatient service. This level of growth put a significant strain on an aging facility.  Our hospital is operating at constant over-capacity and every year during the flu season, we can have up to 30 inpatients waiting for a hospital bed in the emergency department sometimes lasting up to five days. 

It’s no wonder we could never meet the target of inpatient admissions transferred from the Emergency Department as set out by the Ministry of Health.  We simply do not have the inpatient beds to accommodate the surge and the ongoing service demand from our population growth.

Read more.


Innovation and Technology:

​Learn about our equipment needs

The new Acute Care Tower will improve access to and use of enabling technologies that directly support more effective patient care. Donor-funded equipment such as modern-day surgical equipment, state-of-the-art sterilization facilities, and dedicated academic space will help to ensure medical health professionals continue to strive for better care models for patients at Richmond Hospital.

Learn more about Richmond Hospital's Urgent Needs >




How you can help:

NOW is the time to ACT

We know that it takes time to plan for a new Acute Care Tower. ​NOW is the time to ​ACT so that construction can begin by 2020 and meet the demands of the dramatic population growth expected in the next few years. 

Donate today.

To learn more how you can make an impact on health care for the community, please contact:
Sharon Kennedy
Campaign Director
Richmond Hospital Foundation
T: 604.244.5376
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