Leave a Legacy

To learn more about Legacy giving, please contact Richmond Hospital Foundation at 604.244.5252.

Gifts in your Will

A gift in your will shows more than just foresight and careful planning, it reveals a lasting commitment to the health of your community and a desire to make a difference beyond your lifetime. You choose:

  • What to give: A specific amount, a percentage or the residue of your estate. You can bequest real property or securities.

  • How your money is used. You tell us which areas or campaigns you would like to support or direct your gift to the area of greatest need.

Giving a gift in your will is also a tax-smart strategy. It will reduce the taxes your estate will have to pay. We can send you information about planned giving and a sample bequest clause to take to your lawyer or notary. 


Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust

Trusts are often used as an alternative to a gift in your will. Unlike a gift in your will, a charitable remainder trust offers:

  • Immediate tax benefits

  • A guaranteed income for life

  • Peace of mind from knowing how your gift will be used and knowing that there is no risk of probate or challenges to your wishes

  • The opportunity for Richmond Hospital Foundation to say thanks.

To establish a charitable remainder trust simply:

  1. Choose how much you want to give and which assets you want to use (cash, stock, bonds, real property). There is a minimum of $250,000.

  2. The Foundation will work with you to draw up an agreement with details such as how often you will receive your payments (annually, quarterly, monthly) and how the capital will be used by the Foundation in the future.

  3. You choose the corporate Trustee to manage the Trust.

  4. Enjoy peace of mind, income for life and no hassle management.