January 2, 2024

Katherine Poh Memorial Fundraiser


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Our Dearest Katherine Ballesteros Chua Poh on December 19, 2023 (the Feastday of Saint Anastasius) after a long illness and decline of health. Kathy (Katherine) or “Kets” to her siblings was only 65.

Kathy is survived by her loving husband, Peter, her two sons, Jeffrey (Selena) and Jason, and her grandchildren, Elizabeth and Benjamin.

Kathy’s roots were mostly lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was through her sister, Avelina, that she met her loving husband of 43 years. Kathy and her family moved to the city of Dartmouth. This was the place they settled for many years and where their two kids grew up.

Kathy was a loving and nurturing daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. She kept her home with much warmth and love. She was well known to be a great cook, as she mastered the art of cooking. To many of her family and friends she was the one to consult for what to cook at parties. Kathy had a very generous soul, as she always remembered to give gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Her parties were always fun and she loved to dance, especially to the disco tunes of the 70’s and 80’s.

In 1999, Kathy and Peter decided to move their family out west to British Columbia. There, they made a home for their children. They traveled as a family to Europe and Asia and they always spent quality time as a family. Kathy made her vacations a priority for the family. She also joined her siblings in many more trips and they made beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

When her health declined, she suffered much. With the encouragement and care of her husband, and her sons, she still made one more trip to Toronto to be with her siblings and celebrate.

Even at the end, Kathy tried not to show her pain. She was very happy to see her grandchildren every time they would visit. This lifted up her spirits. Kathy will be remembered for her most generous and kind heart, her beautiful smile and laughter, her excellent skill in cooking, and her caring and thoughtfulness that she has given to many of her family and friends.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about Richmond Hospital Foundation, please contact:
Andrew Soares 
Donor Services Assistant
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