Independent Community Events or fundraisers are an important component to help create awareness, support, and raise funds for Richmond Hospital Foundation.

To ensure that a positive impact is being made on the Richmond Hospital Foundation’s public image, we require organizers to follow our policy as outlined below.

The Richmond Hospital Foundation logo is a registered trademark; unauthorized use is prohibited. Please forward all event material featuring our name and/or logo to your Foundation representative prior to publication and distribution.
Richmond Hospital Foundation follows rules and regulations as outlined by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Tax receipts will be issued in accordance with the CRA Guidelines and at the discretion of Richmond Hospital Foundation. For full details, please visit: Canada Revenue Agency
Event expenses may not be extracted from tax-receiptable donations. All donations requiring a tax receipt must be received in full by Richmond Hospital Foundation along with donor details.
Whenever possible, Richmond Hospital Foundation would appreciate any event publications, media releases, or event photographs which may be included in the Foundation’s publications.
Richmond Hospital Foundation does not approve, participate or support the following types of fundraising:
Events or activities involving telemarketing
Events or activities that involves raising funds on a commission, bonus, or percentage basis
Events or activities involving the promotion of a political party, candidate, or appearing to endorse a political activity
Events which promote the use of tobacco or cannabis
Events or activities that involves door-to-door solicitation
Insurance Policy: Third party organizers are required to arrange for appropriate insurance coverage for the event. By accepting the terms and conditions set forth in this application, the event organizer(s) clearly understand that they are accepting responsibility for claims that may arise as a result of this event. The Foundation will not assume any legal or financial liability and is not responsible for any damage, accidents to persons or property leading up to, during, or post event.
Privacy Policy: Richmond Hospital Foundation (the “Foundation”) is committed to respecting and protecting the personal information of our donors, volunteers and employees and follows the Canadian Standards Association Model Privacy Code. The information collected on this form will be used by Foundation staff strictly to contact you about this event. Upon your request, you allow Richmond Hospital Foundation to contact you via telephone or email with information about your fundraising event and how you can support Richmond Hospital Foundation. You can view our Privacy Policy here or contact us at 604 244 5252 if you have any questions.

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