My name is Juliana. In 1992, my parents moved our family to Richmond from Hong Kong, seeking a brighter future. Growing up, my dad, Charles, was my hero. Throughout his career as a physiotherapist, he demonstrated strength and professionalism balanced with kindness and humour. He was someone people could lean on for support.

That’s why our family was completely shocked when my dad found out he had cancer. To this day, I still get emotional when I think about it but I know one of the reasons why we could have gotten through it was because of Richmond Hospital’s high calibre of care.

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It all started when my dad developed a cough. At first, we thought he had seasonal allergies in the springtime but over a few months, his coughing fits got increasingly worse. It got to the point where he was having trouble breathing. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t eat. We knew something very serious was going on.

After some medical imaging and tests, they found a large tumour on his lungs. A biopsy revealed the official diagnosis—it was stage IV lung cancer, the most advanced stage of cancer. The news was impossible to take in. I was devastated. I couldn’t imagine life without my hero.

We were referred to Dr. John Yun, an expert oncologist at Richmond Hospital. During each interaction, Dr. Yun went above and beyond to communicate with us. He listened to all of our questions and concerns. Given the severity of the situation, we deeply appreciated Dr. Yun’s open honesty, and also his positive outlook. Dr. Yun and his team worked quickly to get my dad into a full range of treatments from radiation, to chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

Despite how aggressive the cancer was, the medical team at Richmond Hospital was ready to help dad fight for his life.

In the beginning, I attended almost all of my dad’s appointments. I still remember his very first chemo session. Dad and I were waiting nervously in the waiting room, not knowing what to expect or how long the treatment will take. There were so many questions and worries in our minds as we sat there waiting. When the nurses prepared my dad for chemotherapy, they approached us and asked if we ate lunch yet. With all the stress, we had completely forgotten to eat! We said ‘no’ and asked if they might be able to bring us a juice or beverage, but they generously insisted on ordering us a full meal. We were so touched by their attentiveness and care. When dad and I said grace before the meal, it was a very special moment—we were both in tears.

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Over the next two years, Dr. Yun carefully monitored my dad’s progress. With so many appointments, we were thankful to live so close to the hospital. Nearing the end of his life, my dad was transferred to hospice care but his spirit remained strong because of the trusted, expert care he received at Richmond Hospital. Our family and everyone at the hospice called him ‘Iron Man’. He taught me how important it is to treat others with respect, and every day he demonstrated what true strength looked like. We are so thankful that in his final years, dad received such considerate care—he was treated with utmost dignity at Richmond Hospital.

When my dad got sick, the medical teams at Richmond Hospital were there for him. Our family found great comfort in the fact that he was receiving the best care, so close to home. Our interactions with the professional medical teams at Richmond Hospital made my dad’s journey of care a meaningful experience for my family. Dr. Yun and his team provided skillful, medical support and also showed their compassion and sensitivity during one of the most difficult times in our lives. For that, we will always be grateful.

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