My name is Jane, and I’ve been a proud resident of Richmond since 1989. Earlier this year I had an experience that made me realize how lucky we are to have such an amazing hospital, right here in our community. That’s why I’m writing to you today, in the hopes that you might join me in supporting expert medical care, close to home!

At the end of July, I had a very bad fall that left me bleeding and in excruciating pain. My husband, Eddie, and I had gone out for our morning walk along Westminster Highway. We were happily chatting, when suddenly my foot got caught on something and I lost my balance. A tree root had pushed the sidewalk up. I fell hard on the concrete, landing on my knees and my right arm.

I lay on the sidewalk shocked by the pain. It felt like my elbow had been shattered. It took several minutes before my husband could carefully help me up. We walked back home very slowly. We were just across the street from where we lived but the walk felt like it took forever. I had to stop often because I was so dizzy. I was in excruciating pain and was bleeding quite badly.

“I cannot imagine what would have happened to me without such fast, expert medical care at Richmond Hospital. I am so grateful.”
— Jane

We only made it to the garage before I had to lie down again. Overwhelmed with pain and dizziness, I asked my husband to call an ambulance—something was very wrong.

Your ongoing generosity means so much to those who are experiencing their own medical emergency—thank you! Please continue to give so that more Richmond residents can receive expert care, like I did.

My right arm and my left knee were starting to swell very badly. As my body went into shock, my blood pressure was dropping lower and lower, which made the dizziness much worse.

I was so thankful when the ambulance arrived just five minutes after we called.

I arrived at emergency at 10 a.m. I was so nervous and worried, but once the nurses and doctors started tending to me, I felt better. I received a tetanus shot, and had x-rays on my arm and knee. They also carefully monitored my blood pressure and checked my heart for signs of stress. I knew I was being well taken care of.

I was told that my elbow was badly broken. I would need surgery, and could be seen the next day. I was thankful they could perform the surgery so quickly. A doctor from the cast clinic came to my bed and put a temporary cast on so that I could go home for the night.

The next day, I went into surgery with Dr. James Douglas. The doctors and nurses kept me well informed the entire time which helped ease my mind. Dr. Douglas was able to reconstruct my elbow, and reassured me that the surgery had gone very well.

Richmond Hospital’s staff provided me with excellent medical care. I could feel how much they cared.

The first week at home was really difficult. I wondered what my future would hold. I didn’t know if my arm would ever get back to normal. Even simple day-to-day tasks were a struggle—I had to re-learn everything. I used my left hand to feed myself, to brush my teeth, to write. Normally, I would eat with chopsticks, but I used a fork and spoon instead. I couldn’t drive. It was several months until we could go for our morning walks.

My husband, Eddie, has been there for me every step of the way. He’s had to help me get dressed, get the groceries, bring me to all of my appointments, and so much more. I don’t know what I would have done without him! I think some days at the beginning were much harder for him than for me. He felt so bad and even blamed himself, saying he should have caught me. But there’s no way it could have been any different. I’m incredibly grateful for his support.

It’s easy to take our mobility and independence for granted, but then in one moment, everything can change. I cannot imagine what would have happened to me without such fast, expert medical care at Richmond Hospital. I am so grateful.

With support from Dr. Douglas and the physiotherapists at Richmond Hospital, things have gotten much better over the last few months. I am able to walk and am slowly regaining use of my right arm once again. The pain is definitely still there, but every day is a little better. I will continue with physiotherapy for about two more months.

After receiving such excellent care, it was obvious to me that I wanted to donate to the hospital. It’s the best way I can think of to say thank you to everyone who helped care for me! I hope you’ll feel inspired to give as well.

Your support ensures that Richmond Hospital can continue to provide the expert care we all rely on. Please help keep our community healthy by giving today.

Supporter of Richmond Hospital

P.S. Please donate today. You could be saving someone’s life.

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