My name is Brian. For the past 25 years, I have worked at Xibita, a Richmond-based company that produces large scale displays and graphic designs. Aside from work, I believe focusing on health is very important, especially as we all get older. That’s why, a few years ago, I decided to adopt a more active lifestyle by swimming and exercising 3-4 times a week. I was feeling better than I had in years.

Even when my wife was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, I did my best to be healthy. In May 2016, my wife lost her battle with cancer but determined to remain strong for my three children and five grandchildren, I stayed the active course. Life was moving forward as best as it could without my beloved wife of 26 years, until in January of 2017, when an unexpected medical crisis of my own nearly killed me. I’m writing you this letter because, without Richmond Hospital, I truly might not be here today. During medical emergencies, having quality health care nearby can be the difference between life and death. And I am living proof of that.

Gifts from the community mean so much to those who are experiencing their own medical crisis. With your added support, Richmond residents can receive improved care, like I did. Would you please give today?

“I was hit with an intense wave of nausea…Then everything went black. I was knocked out by a massive heart attack. It was a code blue.” — Brian

It was our company’s busiest time of year, and I arrived at work ready to tackle another deadline. But my long-time co-worker, Ken, pulled me aside to tell me he didn’t think I looked very well. I didn’t want to show it but truthfully, I was not feeling good at all. I had been having some chest pains at my desk but I chalked it up to having an upset stomach. I thought some antacid would fix me right up. Ken’s instincts told him otherwise and he insisted on taking me to Richmond Hospital.

Little did I know that just a few hours later, I would come close to dying of a massive heart attack.

Heart attacks can strike quickly and unexpectedly. I am so grateful the business I worked for was a mere 15 minutes away from the hospital.

When we got to the Richmond Hospital Emergency Department, I still didn’t think I needed to be there. Thankfully, the doctor’s years of experience led him to know better. Dr. Steven Fedder was the Emergency Physician who examined me, and while nothing showed up on my tests, after hearing my description of symptoms again, Dr. Fedder made a decision. One that without a doubt saved my life.

Dr. Fedder told me that, as a precaution, I was going to be admitted for an overnight stay. I still really didn’t think it was necessary, but by this point I figured it was best to trust the experts. I got into a wheelchair and a nurse took me to my hospital room. That’s when things took a drastic turn for the worst.

I began to feel extremely nauseous. I told the nurse I might throw up. I became wildly dizzy and that’s the last thing I remember before being blindsided and ultimately knocked unconscious by a massive heart attack. My early symptoms suddenly became a life-and-death Code Blue emergency, the most serious medical emergency in a hospital.

I am so lucky to have been in the hospital at that exact moment. The high calibre and fast action of the doctors and nurses at Richmond Hospital saved my life that day.

When I came to, I was in a hospital bed with six people working on me. I still remember that moment vividly. They discovered that I had a 90 percent blockage in one artery and 72 percent in the other. I was sent to get two stents in a minimally invasive surgery, and then I returned to Richmond Hospital for careful monitoring. The staff at the hospital were so kind and compassionate. I could feel that they were very invested in my health and in me as a person.

If I had followed my stubborn instincts and gone home, I might have gone to sleep and never woken up. Instead, I am alive. My children didn’t lose another parent and I can continue to enjoy a fruitful working life. The doctors and nurses saved my life, and there are no words to say how grateful I am.

Your support is so important. Your gifts ensure that Richmond Hospital can improve the lifesaving services we all rely on. Please help keep our community healthy by giving today.

Supporter of Richmond Hospital

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