Preventing the spread of the virus, starts with you and me. 防止病毒传播从你我做起



NPC艺术设计学院积极参与社区公益事业,动员全校师生和整个社区为列治文医院新的急症护理大楼(new Yurkovich Family Pavilion)筹集资金。资深艺术导师和设计师安建军在疫情期间设计了几套不同风格的个性化口罩。戴着口罩的人在阻止病毒传播的同时,可以充分展现自己的独特个性。根据设计师安建军的说法,这种概念设计面具是在今年三月疫情来势汹汹的时候,突然灵感而创作的。每组设计都是一个具有凶猛概念的怪兽形象,并印在口罩上。凶猛的怪物形象的口罩营造出一些敬畏感,提醒人们自然地保持社交距离。



As we navigate through this pandemic together, we are grateful for our health care teams who are working hard on the frontlines.

At present, people are concerned about protecting themselves and their families. The main way of transmission of the new coronavirus is through respiratory droplets and close contact. The World Health Organization’s simple and easy self-protection measures to prevent the spread of the virus: keep your distance, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. This can reduce the possibility of yourself being infected. The hospitals and doctors need the resources and capabilities to help patients deal with the epidemic.

NPC College of Art and Design actively participates in community public welfare undertakings and mobilizes the entire school’s teachers and students and the entire community to raise funds for the new Yurkovich Family Pavilion at Richmond Hospital. Senior art instructor and designer An Jianjun designed several sets of fully personalized masks in different styles during COVID. While blocking the spread of the virus, people wearing masks can fully demonstrate their unique personality. According to designer An Jianjun, this conceptual design mask was created with sudden inspiration back in March this year. Each set of designs is a monster image designed with a ferocious concept and printed on the mask. The fierce and terrible monster image mask creates a sense of awe and allows people to naturally separate a certain distance.

These uniquely designed cloth masks are selling for $30 and all proceeds will be donated to Richmond Hospital Foundation. Thank you for supporting the excellent patient care teams at Richmond Hospital. Together we are building a better and healthier future for Richmond.

Other than purchasing a mask from us, you can also make a donation directly to Richmond Hospital Foundation through their website to help Richmond build the new Acute Care Tower soon!

To purchase a mask, please scan the QR code and contact Wendy.

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If you would like to learn more about Richmond Hospital Foundation, please contact:
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