November 8, 2022

Melody of love (4) Inspiring the passion for music and love concert


A year ago, on November 7 of 2021, the then-newly founded band, DIVOC, and Sarah Y.X. Wong put together a fundraising concert where they dedicated their music-making to raising funds for the In-Patient Acute Mental Health Unit at Richmond Hospital. Their debut performance was a great success as they raised over ten thousand dollars for the foundation. We are pleased to bring back Sarah and DIVOC for our fourth annual Melody of Love fundraising music concert this year and will be donating all of our proceeds to the Richmond Hospital Foundation once again.

Sarah strives to promote and teach the concept of “music as a provider of community and equality between the teacher and the student”. She has put together a collective number with her students, encouraging them to engage with charity work, whilst boosting their stage experience and confidence. Our dedicated young musicians are committed to supporting the health care teams at Richmond Hospital. Through this involvement, DIVOC will return with a medley of popular songs alongside Sarah’s students. We look forward to accomplishing these goals along with your generous donations to the Richmond Hospital Foundation. We anticipate your support!

2021年11月7日, Sarah Y.X. Wong和樂隊DIVOC舉辦了一場精彩的籌款音樂會。他們當時將整個音樂會的創作收益全數捐贈給列治文醫院的急性精神健康科。樂隊與Sarah一年前的首次合作演出獲得了巨大的成功,總共爲基金會籌集了一萬多元善款。今年我們很榮幸能再次邀請Sarah和DIVOC參與我們第四屆“愛的旋律”籌款音樂會的演出。他們會再次將所有收益捐贈給列治文醫院基金會。這場音樂會的創作理念從Sarah致力於推廣和教授“音樂作爲社區的提供者和教師與學生之間的平等互動”這個概念來開展。


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