Our third annual Melody of Love concert will support Richmond Hospital Foundation. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially the health care community. Our young musicians would like to support the health care teams at Richmond Hospital and in the community through the unity and strength in our music. The importance of health, whether mental or physical, is often neglected in our busy lives but is crucial to our well-being. Our Melody of Love concert will address these important topics and will be the objective and theme of the concert.

Sarah dedicates this moment to all the wonderful people who have made her into the person she has become in the past 18 years. Along with advocating for health, she is beyond grateful for Richmond Hospital’s dedication in bringing many beautiful lives into the world, including hers, making this event even more meaningful for her. Sarah is anticipating a successful show and looks forward to your support for Richmond Hospital and health care in the community.

第三屆"樂韻弦情"慈善音樂會希望為烈治文醫院籌得善款。 在過去的一年多疫情嚴峻,對每個人都造成不同程度的影響,最受挑戰就是我們的醫護人員,因此新進音樂人Sarah希望透過這次音樂活動來支持他們。 同時,希望大家更多地關心自己和家人丶朋友的身心健康。

這個音樂會,Sarah希望用這次的演出來感謝18年來所有幫助過和陪伴她成長的人。最重要的是藉著這次活動向烈治文醫院和醫護人員表示最大的感謝。在每一個人每天忙碌工作之餘,憂心疫情所帶來的影響外,勿忘人生是美好的,充滿愛的,我們就一起藉着用音樂把這個最重要的訊息再次傳達給每一個人。Sarah 誠懇邀請你們每一個人參與和支持這個音樂會,期望2021 年 11 月 7 日與大家相聚。

If you would like to learn more about Richmond Hospital Foundation, please contact:
Theresa Blackwell