For my birthday this year, I need your help to shave my hair off, all of it.

I am asking for donations for Richmond Hospital Foundation in support of the Mental Health Outpatient Program at Richmond Hospital. I chose this charity because with their help, I was able to completely turn my life around. I have received the guidance to not only cope, but thrive, despite my anxiety. This gift of therapy was given to me free of charge, and I hope that you’ll consider contributing as a way of celebrating with me.

When the goal of $2,000 is reached, I will be shaving my head as a symbolic gesture to celebrate self-love, freedom, and life. To jumpstart the fundraiser, I will be donating $500 to the cause. Any amount you are able to contribute will help me reach my goal. Feel free to send me a message at if you would like to chat about this fundraiser.

Thank you all in advance for the support and love!

Take care,



達到$2000加幣的目標時,我將剃光頭來像徵自愛、自由和生命。為了開頭籌款活動,我將首先捐款500加幣。你能夠捐款的任何金額都將幫助我實現自己的目標。如果你想更了解我這個募款活動(或者單純想找人聊天),歡迎隨時傳訊息到 給我。


I-Chen 敬上


In accordance with the regulations of the Canada Revenue Agency, the true donor’s information must appear in the donor name and address field. The receipt will then be issued in that name. 根據加拿大稅務局(CRA)條例,捐款人名字和地址一欄中,必須為捐款者本人的資料。基金會將依照輸入的資料發出稅務收據

If you would like to learn more about Richmond Hospital Foundation, please contact:
Theresa Blackwell