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We are honoured to recognize donors who have made contributions to help ensure local health care teams can continue to provide compassionate, lifesaving care in our community.


Doctor of Philanthropy Award
Bonnie & Steve Chiu (Maple Freight Partnership), Cowell Auto Group, The International Buddhist Society, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., Megan Martin, Yuan Sheng Zhang & Bo Hong Zhang, Modern Green, RCG Group and Vincent & Noella Ready (Labour Arbitration and Mediation Services)


2016 PhD of Inspiration Awards
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation & Nite of Hope™ Richmond, Robert H.N. HO, OBC, Jason & Emily Ko (Viva Pharmaceutical Inc.) and Kronier Family

2016 Visionary Health Care Awards

2016 Visionary Health Care Awards

The James & Ann McPhail Family Foundation, Mainstream Broadcasting Corporation AM1320 CHMB and Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation


2016 Milan & Maureen Ilich Award
Picture above: Natalie Meixner, President & CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation and Kyle Shury, Board Chair of Richmond Hospital Foundation presents the 2016 Milan & Maureen Ilich Philanthropic Award of Distinction to Mrs. Megan Martin and her son Mr. Bo Hong Zhang for their outstanding philanthropic donations to health care in Richmond. ​​

Megan Martin was a teacher in her early years in China. She then began her highly successful career in business as an entrepreneur.

Megan has authored three books about successful online direct sales systems models including “Instant Success," her first book focused on the system of success in China, followed by "System of Power" and "Life-changing Systems". She is a pioneer among system advisors and angel investors in China.

After moving to Canada, Megan became actively engaged in local Chinese communities.  She is the president of the Chinese Women’s Association of Canada, the Chairman of the Chinese Canadian Investment Union, and VP of Canadian Community Service Association.

Megan Martin, her husband Vincent Zhang and their son, Bo Hong Zhang, take an active role in promoting philanthropy, charitable giving and social responsibility.

With health care named as the most cherished value we hold as Canadians and Richmond Hospital regarded as our community’s most important public institution, we are extremely grateful for this family’s generosity and their vision to improve our local health care, now and into the future.

Philanthropists: $1,000,000+
Visionaries: $500,000 - $999,999
Pioneers:  $250,000 - $499,999
Champions:  $100,000 - $249,999
Leaders:  $50,000 - $99,999
Builders:  $25,000 -$49,999
Ambassadors:  $10,000 - $24,999
Friends: $5,000 - $9,999

Future Legacy Gifts
 These supporters have included Richmond Hospital Foundation in their estate plans

 Estate & Legacy Gifts
 These individuals have chosen to leave a legacy to help future generations

Tributes - In Honour & In Memory
These individuals have been honoured by a fellow patient, friend, family, individual or colleague for their outstanding service or to commemorate a special occasion.

We gratefully acknowledge all donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Richmond Hospital Foundation also gives out three awards of distinction annually to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond with their generosity.

2016 Community Cares Award Recipient: Richmond Firefighters' Society


Local heroes to the citizens of Richmond in many ways, the members of the Richmond Firefighters Association not only dedicate their lives to helping others, they have also undertaken a leadership role to improve local health care.

The Richmond Firefighters Association represents all of Richmond’s 215 firefighting, training, investigation, fire prevention, public education, and mechanical staff who work around the clock to keep the citizens of Richmond safe. In emergencies, they are often first to help on scene here in Richmond, and are extending their care and concern from the field to Richmond Hospital. Each member of the Richmond Firefighters Association has had a longstanding leadership role in Richmond by putting his or her own life on the line every day.

In addition to their contributions to safety in Richmond, members have generously chosen to give from their own financial resources to help improve local health care in Richmond. Their exemplary leadership, commitment, and personal donations serve as an inspiration to partners in the community, as well as residents who strongly believe in improving health care right here in the heart of our community.  


Thomas & Amy Fung

Pioneering, visionary and inspiring are some of the numerous attributes that characterize the outstanding qualities of Mr. Thomas Fung. As founder of Fairchild Group and as a real estate entrepreneur and businessman, Thomas is a formidable and admirable force in our city, our province and our country, sparking development and investment while encouraging community and health here at home.

Having chosen Richmond in 1989, Thomas launched Aberdeen Center which helped to contribute to the transformation of Richmond from a bedroom community into a vibrant and prosperous city. Today, while Richmond continues to have strong rural and community roots, the city is also distinguished worldwide as an international destination renowned for its high quality living, leisure and employment as well as a desirable location for raising a family.

With a long-term vision, Thomas has pursued his ideas and dreams with conviction and determination, demonstrating that anything and everything is possible. A passionate promoter through his company, Fairchild Group, Thomas has been a bridge for communities to build on the strengths that unite us and the values we hold in common.

Together with his wife, Amy, Thomas, is an enthusiastic supporter of health care philanthropy, lending the power of broadcast and promotion to Richmond Hospital Foundation to reach the Chinese community and inspire donors to give.

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