Gratitude Report

Message from Board Chair & President

From its very inception more than a half century ago, Richmond Hospital has been a story of vision, drive and unity led by champions and supporters who care passionately about the health of their loved ones and their community. Today, Richmond Hospital is recognized as an exemplary community hospital where talented medical and surgical teams provide compassionate care. Our health care teams tell us each day how your donations towards equipment, patient care programs and facilities are essential to help improve the calibre of care they deliver. Richmond’s population is growing exponentially and the city also has the fastest growing population of seniors in the province.  As demands for more complex patient care escalate, so does the need for new facilities and equipment. For all of us, universal local health care is a cherished Canadian value and we thank you for your commitment to ensure we have the best care possible for you, your family, friends, colleagues and community. Your donations are making a huge impact to help transform health care and save lives. Thank you for making local health care a priority here in Richmond.

Natalie Meixner
Natalie D. Meixner
President & CEO
Richmond Hospital Foundation
Kyle Shury
Chair, Board of Directors
Richmond Hospital Foundation

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for VCH-Richmond and our community’s health care needs

Inspiring individuals, businesses and organizations to give to Richmond Hospital Foundation as their charity of choice to help purchase vital medical equipment, improve patient care programs and upgrade local facilities.

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