COVID-19 Response Fund

Thanks to your generous support of our efforts, we have been able to fund the purchase of four ventilators for Richmond Hospital. We are so grateful for your generosity as we navigate through these challenging times, together as a community. 

For those asking how you can help our health care teams in Richmond during the COVID-19 pandemic, Richmond Hospital Foundation has established a COVID-19 Response Fund to address the needs of our valued health care professionals. 100% of the donations to this Response Fund will go directly to equipment being ordered by Richmond Hospital. This fund will give the hospital the ability to address changing circumstances and priorities and support our front line efforts. 

Our medical professionals have assessed and will continue to determine what is needed to address the rapidly evolving situation in our hospital and community and your donation will have a direct impact. We have worked with Richmond Hospital to understand the greatest areas of need during the pandemic and we will continue to support patient care needs as the hospital expands capacity to set-up additional care spaces for patients and more equipment will be needed. 

Additional patient vital signs monitors have been identified as urgent items - lightweight and portable, these full-featured monitors record a patient’s vital signs, which include life-sustaining measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. Importantly, for patients who need help breathing, the monitors also measure the respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and how much carbon dioxide comes out of the lungs. They also help to confirm the placement of a breathing tube and monitor the flow of blood through the body and the quality of ventilation by the lungs. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the units will be used throughout Richmond Hospital, replacing aging and obsolete units, some of which are more than 10 years old, to be used in resuscitation emergencies. 

The Richmond Hospital Emergency Department also needs new state-of-the-art CPR compression equipment. During CPR, chest compression is used, often in combination with ventilation, to maintain blood flow and breathing when the heart and lungs are not working properly. The new equipment will deliver mechanical compressions that are high quality, consistent and sustained to maintain blood flow and provide the emergency lifesaving care required as our patient volumes grow during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We expect that equipment needs will be evolving rapidly in the weeks ahead, and we will continue to support the medical teams here at Richmond Hospital - please check back for updates regularly. 

To have the greatest impact, a financial donation will enable us to purchase these items through established medical suppliers, making sure that standards are met and our health care teams can continue to adapt quickly to changing needs during this crisis.

A tax receipt will be issued for your thoughtful and very helpful donation.

We thank you for your leadership during these challenging times.

Please donate online here.


Updated on Mar 29, 2020 

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