Our Health Professionals

Richmond Hospital continues to attract and retain highly skilled medical professionals, meaning we can perform comprehensive and advanced surgeries for you or your loved ones here in Richmond. Dr. Sharadh Sampath, head of the Department of Surgery, is proud to introduce you to some of our talented team of surgeons here to care for you:

"Whether you have sustained a serious physical injury or have been diagnosed with cancer, treatment sometimes involves surgery. That’s when our team of talented surgeons is called upon to care for you.

"Our orthopedic surgeons are among the best in the business. Dr. Thomas Lu is Richmond Hospital’s expert on hand surgery, orthopedic sports trauma and joint replacement. Dr. Fay Leung is our surgical specialist when it comes to shoulder reconstruction, and her work is sought after by patients beyond our community. And if it is your foot or ankle that requires complex reconstruction, Dr. Erik Calvert is well known for his ability to perform procedures that will get you back on the road to recovery.

"We are also pleased to have Dr. Daniel Rapoport and Dr. Kiara Hennesey working in Richmond Hospital’s urology department. Dr. Rapoport is B.C.’s central referral expert on female and male reconstructive urology surgery—urologists from all around B.C. seek his expertise when they run into challenges. Dr. Hennesey is among the first in the province to perform partial laparoscopic kidney surgery, allowing part of a patient’s kidney to be preserved to function, instead of being removed entirely.

"New to Richmond, Dr. Jill Kowalczyk and Dr. Jacqueline O’Connell are great assets to our birthing unit and gynecology department. Dr. Kowalczyk specializes in laparoscopic complex pelvic surgeries and Dr. O’Connell will soon start performing colposcopies, a diagnostic procedure that screens for cervical cancer.

"You may not have realized it, but many of our cancer and trauma patients benefit from reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Owen Reid performs a high volume of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and melanoma skin cancer excision. Additionally, he is also a provincial expert in body contouring after massive weight loss. Many of the patients undergoing this type of surgery have had a significant weight loss following metabolic surgery.

"In addition to our talented pool of new specialty surgeons, longtime surgeons such as Dr. Gordon Houston have been providing exceptional surgical care to our community for years. We are also especially fortunate to have Dr. Nam Nguyen, who first developed the laparoscopic surgery program at Richmond Hospital.

"Dr. Nguyen has trained generations of surgeons in laparoscopic surgery, winning UBC Surgery’s prestigious H. Rocke Robertson Teaching Award for outstanding clinical teaching. His passion for educating others means that countless patients will benefit from his skills and experience. Today, many talented surgeons under his watch are now serving within British Columbia, including some who have been recruited to return to Richmond Hospital.

"I myself trained at Richmond Hospital during my residency and I decided to come back and work here for many of reasons. The great reputation of the team of surgeons here is well-known and I like the dynamic that’s been created within the hospital. Most importantly, the hospital leadership strongly supports new technology and innovative skill sets.

"Many of our surgeons have long careers ahead, and I truly believe that our team has some of the best specialists in the province. But we’re only as good as our tools and modern medical technology is constantly changing.

"Richmond Hospital Foundation has already helped equip two of our operation rooms with tools and renovations to perform laparoscopic surgery and two more conversions are planned for next year. To make a donation, please call the Foundation at 604.244.5252 or donate online."